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12:15 6/12/2012 During our lay over in Clark before going home to Davao, we’re so lucky to be accompanied by our host friend to roam around the City of Angels in Pampanga. Given a limited time to explore the city,  we opted visiting Marquee Mall. It’s been past 12 noon when we arrived and wasted no time to search for a local Kapampangan Deli. Since our friend had been familiar and knew where the good food was, he brought us to Apag Marangle

The moment we step outside from the restaurant, we knew then that we’re on the right place when we searched for an authentic Kapampangan food. Being a foodie couple we don’t want to miss and experience a real Kapampangan treat. Knowing Pampanga as the birthplace of Sisig, any beer chum knows that, right Sky? Pampanga is synonymous with Filipino Food, no wonder every Kapampangan we knew, cooks very well. 


What’s Apag Marangle? it means Hain sa Bukid  in Tagalog. So the Nipa Hut theme explains a lot. The ambiance makes it more unique and truly Kapampangan. 

When we ordered our food, we’d been given a banana leaf shape tarpaulin where the menu is printed. This is something new and catchy. It’s a nice concept since we can take a glimpse on the best food they offer in just one look.

We’d been told that food will be served in 15-20 minutes time since all will be cook from fresh raw ingredients. We don’t mind that and just enjoying our selves with the resto’s province kinda ambiance. The coconut shape like lamp’s were eye catching. We can’t stop glaring at them even they’re suspended from the ceiling made of bamboo. This is another unique native interior of Apag Marangle in Marquee Mall.

While waiting for our food, we listened to a Kapampangan Christmas songs medley. Even though we don’t understand their dialect but we’re happy listening to it. The mood of this restaurant was so jolly as portrayed with their service attendant and all of them were very friendly.

A plate of boiled peanuts and sweet potatoes was served to our table and thought it was a wrong order. The attendant said it’s an appetizer, and it’s free. A good treat before the main course.

Meet Pepasingong Kangkung Ampong Baguk aka Steam Kangkong with Fish Paste served in a mini Kawa( Frying Pan). Kangkong leaves was cooked right and stem was bit crunchy. The fish paste is the perfect match for steam kangkong, a good alternative to the usual  Kangkong-Shrimp paste tandem.

Deep Fried Pork Liempo or Lechon Kawali was a winner. The skin was very crunchy, and meat was very tender, just perfectly cooked. It was paired with liver like sauce (similar to Mang Tomas)  which make this liempo stand out more.

Of course, when you visit Pampanga it’s a must  to try their staple dish, Sisig. We had tasted different style and variety of cooking Sisig from Visayas and Mindanao but nothing beats the original in Pampanga. Apag Marangle Sisig is heavenly delicious. Once you tried it, you’ll surely forget all the Sisig you have tasted in your entire life.

To enjoy our heart- friendly meal, a Nasi (Rice) was paired. Taking the rice using the wooden ladle (Sandok) from a  Kaldero (Cauldron) was something that you’ll only experience it in a province and we had enjoyed it a lot . All in all the food was great as expected since they come with a price.Good thing they  don’t have a service charge but still it’s kinda pricey. Anyway it justifies by the number of burps we had after the meal. 

When we ask for our bill, the attendant handed this little stylish bayong to us. A very cute and so Pinoy which substitute that usual boring black leather when you pay the bill.

After taking some time to relax from that heavenly meal we saw some kids on the other table coloring  the sheets provided by the restaurant staff. They provide some coloring stuff for kids  so they’ll be preoccupied while waiting for the food.  Though we’re not oblige to show our talent in drawing or art but Summer happily accepted to do it.

This is the outcome of Summer’s interpretation of gratitude of  that delicious meal. I could now say that a good food can unleash someone’s hidden talent. 

The service attendant took Summer’s finished art and posted it on the Wall. So if you saw a slipper and hand print on the wall  then that must be Summer’s art trail. 

Sky with his two thumbs up as appreciation of good food in Apag Marangle with Map of Pampanga as background. 

And photo souvenir of their Nipa Hut ambiance background. The Nipa hut on the background was the actual setting of their main restaurant in Bacolor, Pampanga. Another reason for us to come back in Pampanga.

Thank You Apag Marangle for a delectable Kapampangan Food. Manyaman!

Address: Level 1, Marquee Park, Marquee Mall, Angeles City Pampanga Philippines 

Note: This is not paid post or some sort, we just want to share our good experience with this authentic Kapampangan restaurant.

Foodie Couple,

Summer and Sky

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