2012: First New Year in Boleh Land

17:30 Last day of 2011, we decided to head on the anticipated New Year countdown @ KLCC. We SMS our friends to meet at the venue since they went for dinner near the place. It’s almost 3 hours before new year yet we are still in the bus station. All buses are jam-packed but we manage to hop and ride in. Nothing to rant about since its end of the year and expected that all people will go to KLCC or Merdeka Square.

With too much excitement, we forgot to eat dinner. I scout for some food to fill our hungry stomach but find no luck. We end up taking in Egg Sandwich and that weird Tropical Mango Smoothie. While searching for table, surprisingly I find my officemate and his friend and gladly share the table with us.
People from all over the world swarmed the KLCC garden area

22:45 We left KLCC Suria foodcourt and went down to NYC area. After several push back we find a perfect spot to anchor ourselves and take photo souvenir.

23:59 In unison, the crowd started to count down, screaming at the  top of their lungs. Welcomes the New Year with a bang and fireworks abruptly dominates the KLCC skyline.

It was a very spectacular moment that we experience together as a couple since we grew up and usually celebrated new year the traditional way. We don’t go out and spend new year countdown in the street or event like this one.  It was a big leap of faith for us and promise ourselves to bend the norms more often. This will be  a prelude of  impending party that awaits us…

How do you celebrate the New Year?

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