The Girl who loves Chicken Rice

19:05 11/2/2012 She is very timid, calm and not the usual girl  I had known. She sat down on the chair, with a straight face and just give me nod. A nod is her gesture saying go look around and search for the best food you can get. My dilemma was, this foodcourt  was the same place  where  we took our supposedly dinner at new year’s eve but  turns out to be the  last snack of 2011. Because I only grab a pair  of sandwhich and that weird tropical smoothie (read the full entry of First New Year in Boleh Land).

It doesn’t bother me,  it’s late afternoon and there will be plenty of choices available in KLCC Suria foodcourt. I scan all the food stalls that I think can shift her temperamental state if I found that magical meal. I walk across the food court in search for that wonder food. I passed across to Vegetarian section, to Sushi King, to Teppanyaki and the Italian stall but I don’t find any food that I think suits her mood. Until I stop by and found this Chicken Rice outlet.
Chicken Rice at KLCC Suria Food Court
This dish is famous in Singapore and Malaysia

I should have remember that anything that is cook with Chicken is her comfort food. For sure, the  Chicken rice will not be an exemption. It didn’t take a while and I see her face blooming and blushing like a kindergarten who saw her ultimate crush the moment I brought the tray with Chicken Rice ( Original and BBQ style) in our reserved table.
Original style

Roasted/ BBQ Style
She was bedazzled, captivated and felt in love with first Chicken Rice in her entire life. She instantly declare that Chicken Rice is the best food she ever tasted in Malaysia. She savored  the aromatic smell of the rice and the lean tender meat with its dark mystical  sauce on top of it. Every  gnaw on those sweet tasty chicken rice, is like heaven to her.  She was amused on how a rice got chicken taste without tasting the chicken meat first. I explained to her that the rice was cook using the chicken stock instead of the regular water with some ingredients following the traditional way  of Hainanese cooking. As she never bother to ask  how it was prepared. All she can mutter was “Lami Kaayo” ( Very Delicious). This is one of her compliment lines when she truly appreciate and loves the food. Although, I anticipated she likes it  so much but not to the point she got hooked with it.

Speechless, satisfied, and craving for more Chicken Rice

I deemed relief when I saw her old self again and  felt  satisfied for appreciating my effort. She speak softly and explained to me  that  all I should blame is PMS ( Premenstrual Syndrome). I didn’t know much about it, until Google introduce me to the culprit.  If I just knew  ahead of time, I would be more delighted and willing to run an extra extra mile.

If you also love this food just like Summer. Share your first Chicken Rice Experience.

Till our next Food Trip,


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