Putra Mosque (Pink Mosque), Putrajaya

11:38 18/03/2012 At Last! We found it! The words came through our mouth  the moment we saw the mesmerizing beauty of the Pink Mosque. We inadvertently mistook  the Palace of Justice as Pink Mosque during our Precinct Traipsing due to some similarities. But now we’re able to distinguish the mosque from a distance aside from its noticeable tall minaret.
The Pink Mosque or the Putra Mosque was named in honor to Malaysia’s first Prime Minister Tunkun Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj. It is also recognized as one of notables landmarks in Putrajaya, a must visit for tourist. It’s located in the Precinct 1 just in front of Putrajaya Lake and beside the Dataran Putra ( Putra Square).

The mosque occupies 1.37 hectare and was built around 1997. The construction was completed after 2 years. It is very evident upon looking the mosque which follows two concepts the Middle East and Malay tradition. 

Pink Mosque, view at Dataran Putra

Looking Putra Mosque from Dataran Square is really breathtaking. We considered it as  one of the best Mosque we had seen in our entire life. We had been very grateful as the staffs allowed us to enter the complex for 10 minutes, as their prayer will about to start in the next half an hour. We had used the opportunity to witness the beauty of Persian inspired Mosque that captivates our heart.

Upon entrance, you will be greeted with rose-tinted granite dome that gives that Pinkish color. As we look on the left side, the massive 116 Meter minaret dominates the sky. We had seen a couple of similar towers alike in a mosque but it was an exceptional. The mosque staff had even said, the minaret was built with influenced with Sheikh Omar Mosque in Baghdad, Iraq. Truly a piece of architectural wonder that can only be seen in Putrajaya.

Putra Mosque Minaret

Since we only have less than 10 minutes before they’ll close the complex for the Noon Prayer. We took some snaps inside the mosque with permission of course from the staffs. We’re not allowed to go in further as ten minutes will be almost consumed.

After that quick tour around the Mosque, we thank the friendly staff for having us the time to take a glimpse inside the complex. Going inside the mosque did really make our day. Previously  we failed to enter Masjid Jamek due to prayer time or visiting hours was done. 

View at Selera Putra

We go down to Selera Putra to grasp some fresh air while looking the scenic Putraya Lake and take another view angle  of the Majestic Pink Mosque.

It is more splendid to witness it’s beauty at night. Indeed, a must visit in Putrajaya when dark sets in. You will be surely enthralled upon looking the Mosque and its towering minaret illuminated with lights. 

We had left Putra Mosque( our last stop for Putrajaya escapade) drained but fulfilled and overjoyed with great pictures to boast. The entire experience was really overwhelming and we run out of words how to describe the Pink Mosque, just TWO THUMBS UP and a nod!

Religious Place worshiper,

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  1. masjid putra (pink mosque) is a complex rather than just a mosque actually. i've been there couple of times and very astonished with all its excellent architectural touch. how amazing is the building. its very large scale and has 5 layers/floor actually if u explore it totally. the praying hall is the main component in 3rd and 4th floor. it has underground floor as well for car park and i dont understand this mosque flooring system. its layered. i just wanna say the entire 2nd floor is bathroom complex for ablution, public toilet.. while plazas and arcade, foodcourt are at 2nd and 1st floor outside. the base/lowest floor is not open to all maybe for utility/future purpose (include monorel station)..un-accessible. and it probably under-lake already.. this massive structure also contains library, offices, learning facilities, classes and halls other than gardens/courtyard around it.

  2. Glad to know that Shaima! we'll explore more of Putra Mosque when we had time.

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