Her Beach: Kibela Beach Guinsiliban, Camiguin

Kibela Beach, Camiguin
Photo Credit to : farawaythoughts.multiply.com

Her Beach
Eh, sounds identical? not that apparel global brand. I’m talking about Summer’s favourite Beach. Her vivid mind can still picture out every moment happened on that summer vacation 15 years ago. It was an ordinary summer break that turns to be the best vacation she ever had. It all started when her family visited their relatives in Camiguin. She admittedly and never enjoyed visiting the island as she heard a lot weird stories about it. And most of the time she just stay at home in the city or relative’s house rather than going to the beach. 

What made change her mind?

One time her cousins invited her to go to the beach. She refused at first but her sister and cousins did not stop until she’s persuaded in their escapade. She give it a try after she heard, they’ll visit the white sand beach of Kibela in which she never heard of. They hike the treacherous and rocky hills of Guinsiliban at same time passing some vegetation. While enjoying the trek, they’re also busy picking up fruits every time they passed by a tree. When they reach near the beach, they dropped their heavy sando bag  full of Guava, Mango and Lanzones at the sand. 

Photo Credit to : farawaythoughts.multiply.com

And waste no time and ran at the beach. Summer can’t believe what she saw. Tadaah! a pristine white sand beach with giant  clams and full of sea urchins awaits her. She’s still bewildered while her cousins had already swam to the beach inviting her to join in. She thought it was shallow and trust her guts and dive. Enkkkk failed!  She almost got drowned, and her cousins came to the rescue. But it doesn’t stop her to enjoy other activities at the beach. She came back to swim but in the sea shore only. I can’t figure out swimming in the sea shore? Then, she collected starfish and put it on the bucket, thinking it can survive without water lol. Then she tried smashing sea urchins (not a good idea) with her islander slipper. But the famous slipper failed to crush and was pierced by the mighty Sea Urchins 😛 hahaha. 

Photo Credit to : farawaythoughts.multiply.com
One of the nicest things she remembered were Giant Clams in Kibela Beach. It was entirely different looking the humungus clams in their natural habitat not on the souvenir and crafts section of a Dept. Store. It was a wonderful sight as she recalled and hope it’s still preserved for our future generations to see.
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While thinking of redecorating her aquarium at home. She started  collecting shells, corals and pebbles into her plastic bag, then she saw a big sign board. “BAWAL MANGUHA OG PEBBLES ANG MASAKPAN MAG MULTA OG 1000” (Collecting pebbles is prohibited, if caught pay a fine of 1000). She just ignored and laugh about it (pasaway mode), a normal reaction of a kid. And then a guy approached them. Oops, gotcha! not exactly, well almost,  the guy just asked them when they will leave since its almost 5PM. It did really scared her to death up until now whenever she recalls it. Then, they packed up their things  left the beach and went straight to their cousins house. She can’t believe she did all those stupidest things way back in 1997. But can’t deny that’s one hell of memorable summer vacation a kid could have.

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