How to go to Tanjung Tuan ( Cape Rachado)

Going to Tanjung Tuan (Cape Rachado) is bit easy for tourist who will take the public transport. But before we’ll share how we get there. Please find these helpful tidbits about this place.

– Tanjung Tuan is 17 KM away from the famous weekend get away beaches of PD( Port Dickson) in the state of Negeri Sembilan. This coastal forest is protected and maintained by the State of Malacca, since it’s their exclave territory. Tanjung Tuan Recreational Forest is ideal for nature trekking and finding solitude with breath taking views of Malacca Strait.

– It’s virgin dipterocarp forest makes as an ideal place for migratory birds in transit. An annual event called Raptor Watch  is usually held here during the month of February to April, when migratory birds flocking by thousands to northward bound. 

– The famous lighthouse of Tanjung Tuan (Cape Rachado) is located on top of the hill, 700 meters away from the gate entrance. The current lighthouse was erected on the same spot with the old one, that was originally built by the Portuguese. 

– An isolated white sand beach just below the lighthouse is captivating. It will surely give a breather for that quick hike coming from the Cape.

– A minimal fee of 1 Ringgit ( entrance fee)  will allow you to meander the entire forest including the hidden beaches but must leave before 7PM.

There you go, at least you’ll know what to expect beforehand, so you’ll not get disappointed when you reach there.

How to go Tanjung Tuan by Public Transport

We know there are a lots ways going to this place. But since we’re on a tight budget and no personal car, we take the public transport instead. 

Our jump off point is KL Sentral since this is the nearest KTM station from our place.

1. Take the KTM train from KL Sentral to Seremban

Ticket Price: 3RM per way/ person
Travel Time: 1 hour 45 minutes


There are 12 stations between KL and Seremban, and it stops every station. We’re so lucky to aboard on the new KTM coach. The two seated coach on each side much like on a bus give us comfort while enjoying the countryside view along the way to Seremban. 

Welcome to Seremban, the capital of Negeri Sembilan state. We didn’t notice we’d been seated on that comfortable coach for an hour and 45 minutes. After exiting, the KTM Seremban Station, just walk towards your left, a covered path will lead you to Seremban Bus Station.

Just walk straight ahead and go under the subway that goes to Seremban Bus Station.

2. Take Bus from Seremban to Port Dickson town

Ticket Price: 4RM
Travel Time: 1 Hour

Seremban Bus Station

Go straight to Platform 18 bound for Port Dickson. It may take a while before it leaves since the bus usually leave when all the seats are occupied.

3. Take Bus from Port Dickson Town to Tanjung Tuan

Ticket Price: 2.50 RM
Travel Time: 30 Minutes

Once you reach the PD town bus station, look for buses that go to Pasir Panjang since it will pass along the highway going to Tanjung Tuan. To make sure, just like we did, we informed the bus driver to drop us near the road leading to Tanjung Tuan.


You’ll come to know, if you reach the road to Tanjung Tuan, if you happen to see this landmark. 

4. Walk  from  Jalan Pantai (Corner Road)  to Tanjung Tuan Recreational Forest.

Ticket Price: NA/ Your Energy
Travel Time: 30 minutes walking

Just follow the road, along the way you’ll see numerous  resorts which gives you a clue that you’re almost there. If you eyed the PNB Ilham Resort sign, means your few meters away. A few pace, then you’ll meet the  log like post. Congratulations!, you reach the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve.

Note: All the Fares quoted in this Trip such as KTM,  and Buses are based on our visit August 20, 2012. so it will change without prior notice.

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