Temporary Abode: L’ Armada Guest House, Melaka

16:00 28/4/2012 We’ve been traipsing the historical city for seven straight hours not including our two hours road trip. From walking endlessly in the street of historical Melaka to climbing the steep hills of St. Paul and Bukit Cina. After this deed, You’ll surely picture out out what we had gone through.  Our clothes soaked with sweat, weary face, and urge to take a bath (musty smell). Only thoughts on our mind during our short drive from Bukit Cina to our Guest House were “cold shower, changing clothes and wash room”

L’Armada Guest House was our temporary abode for an overnight stay in Melaka. Before Sky come up to book for this guest house. His criteria for searching was descent, affordable, free-Wifi, and good reviews from the reliable travel sites. L’Armada shows on top of the list. With help of Agoda we got the best quote for dormitory type single bed for only 15RM a night per person including the charge and taxes.

L’Armada Guest House 
Jalan Kampung Hulu  75200 Malacca Town, Melaka

Situated in front of Kampung Hulu Mosque and astounding view of Melaka River. Knowing the location itself ease our worry of getting lost in the historical city. It’s walking distance to  Dutch Square and famous Jonker Street makes this place as a choice of preference among travellers.

Tip: If you’re going here by Taxi, inform the driver to drop you off opposite of  Kampung Hulu Mosque. 

We arrived at the guest house almost 4PM and  been  escorted by Abang ( Brother in Malay) the host of L’Armada Guest House. He lead us to 4th floor by using the stairs since the elevator is non-functional. Though our baggage aren’t that heavy, he felt oblige to carry it until we reach that floor. No effort of taking the stairs after all the climbing up and down the hill on that day. We took off our shoes and put it aside at the door (abiding their house rule).

The spacious common area greeted us with delight atmosphere. And just only few seconds of roaming, we already felt at home and familiar with the place.

Common Dining Area

The dining area was very enticing and each time we sat on the table there’s always bounty supply of slice bread and strawberry jam. Yeah, it’s free to consume you know what we have in our  mind “toasted bread with jam unlimited”.

Whenever you’re in idle mode or just killing the time. There’s a cable TV with premium channels awaits you in the common area or reading books while sitting on a rattan swing. 

The Guest House have 4 common bathroom tiles with shower. A smoking area with comfy couch and internal garden.

Our Room in L’Armada Guest House

Abang showed us our room, the Mixed Dormitory type good for 12 Persons. This was our first time sleeping with random strangers in one room. But we don’t have any qualms on that. Anyway, there will be three of us who can look each other in case something might come up. The bedsheets were clean and absolutely no bed bugs. The room has several ceiling fans and huge windows which make the room breathable. 



View from the top

When we slid the window, a three-tiered squared roof mosque got our attention. Little did we know this mosque have been there for 283 years. We’re lucky indeed to get this room opposite to one of the historical sites in Melaka.

Kampung Hulu Mosque

Not only that, when we walk on the other side, the old Melaka River is just stone away. We could spend a whole day here just gazing from the window. 

We seized the moment of a beautiful sunrise on that same window overlooking the Melaka River. The sun had just showed up the horizon illuminating the calm historical city.

Sunrise at L’Armada Guest House

As said we can stay here for long on this window ’till evening. Who will not? The spectacular sight of colourful lights from the big Ferris wheel, old buildings, lighted trees and river boat cruise that constantly creates ripples and waves.

View from L’Armada window

This wonderful view comes free of course if you stayed in L’Armada Guest House. But wait there’s more,  We’re talking about the perks.

– Coffee and Water in dispenser were Free.
– Wi-Fi is free and available 24/7. We even use their PC in the common area free of charge.
– Car Park is free during night time 🙂
We’ll as the cliche “you got what you pay for” but this was not the case. Most of the people come to this guest house with low expectation since it’s one of cheapest accommodation in Melaka. I think most of the guest who stay in this abode had entirely change their perception before or after they checked out. And we’re one of them and glad we made the right decision to book L’Armada Guest House. Not because they provide good accommodation but the Malaysian genuine hospitality showed us by the staff especially to Abang. He did greatly in providing information of what to visit, to do’s to eat and valuable tips that not even shared on the internet.

If you are not convince then let the Wall of Appreciation speak for it self. This board shows the guest’s gratitude of giving some bills, notes and pictures with Abang.

Notes of Thank You and Appreciation

We read those short notes and even stories how they bump to the guest house. By then we conclude online reviews were factual. 


Of course, we don’t want to miss the opportunity to take photo souvenir of Abang. Since we don’t have much time to print the picture so we made our digital Appreciation Wall.
It’s time to bid adieu to our temporary abode. As expected, Abang personally helps us carrying our stuff to the car park and didn’t leave not until we hit the road. We wave our hands with a heavy heart. We promise ourselves whenever we visit Melaka, we’ll stay in L’Armada.

If you need  more information check their website and FB Page

Website: http://larmadaguesthouse.blogspot.com/ 
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/larmada.guesthouse
Agoda: Discount when booking through Agoda. Click below

This is not a sponsored post but our way of appreciation with our good stay in this guest house.

Guest House Newbies,

Sky and Summer

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