Genting Trip: Confession of a first time Cable Car passengers

8:50 29/9/2012 The sun had just show up when we arrived at the Gohtong Jaya base station. A remarkable sign  conspiring our first Genting adventure. After seeing the colorful cable cars decelerating to the platform, we felt a sudden  burst of mixed emotion. Excitement, fear, and curiousness. We’re too excited to hop in on our first gondola lift that will bring us to heaven Genting Highlands. How our fear of heights supersede that enthusiasm and make our eyes shut for the whole journey. And how this plight made us more interested and somehow ponder of the safeness of these cars suspended more than 10 meters from the earth.



A massive tower supporting the cable car welcome us in Gohtong Jaya station with a promise of thrill  and awe-inspiring view from the top. That promise fuels our soles to proceed and get rid off that bitchy altophobia. We didn’t wasted any time and directly went off to cable car platform.
Since we’re early birds, so we catches the worm gondola and excused ourselves from the long queue. We’re wise enough to let the oldies overtook us and let them filled in the lift so we can occupy the whole cable car. But our plan didn’t succeed, the two old men jump in to our gondola and share the ride with us. 
Not complaining but we just nod and let’s see if they can bear our insanity. The moment we stepped on the cable car floor we felt relieved and had loosen a bit. Our cable car experience would be different if cable car bottom is crystal clear just like in Hong Kong. It would not only drive us nuts but surely petrify for the entire course.
When the rope had started pulling up our cable car, an immense force from our gut started to blown up. An indication of messy retch if can’t be controlled. Whoa, that’s was only an initial reaction, same like that when an air plane started to take-off. The abrupt ascent caught us by a surprised.  But hey, do you think we’re modest when that cable car climbed up. If the video was not mistakenly deleted, it will show us how crazy we were during the initial ascend. 
Good thing the old fellows didn’t bother with our sporadic screech when we realize that we’re hung more than 100 feet high.


Excitement immediately faded and replace by fear. We confessed it’s our first time cable car ride and both of us have fear of heights. But why we should endure this crazy ordeal? Simple, because we want to overcome altophobia at the same time we want to witness the majestic 360 degree view of Titiwangsa mountain range.
Anyway after that primary kick, we can’t help but groping the pole tightly inside the gondola. The cable car silently moving  by a rope from tower to tower. It gave us that constant shake each time a loud shriek during a gondola passes the pylons. Anyone who had a first experience riding cable car in Genting Skyway knew how it could be terrifying for newbies. But it will be only for few minutes then we get a hang of it. After all, it wasn’t that shitty scary compare to an extreme ride like roller coaster.


The subtle journey made us more inquisitive how these cars able to move  and reach the top of Genting highlands with a rope and how safe it is for public commute.


The Last Tower/ Pylon before reaching Genting Highland Platform
Before we reach to Genting Highlands we look back and ponder how the cable car propelled us to the top in less than 15 minutes covering a distance of 3.38 kilometers.

The Cable Car (Aerial Lift) System

The Cable Car or passenger lift that can hold 6-8 people inside. This is connected to a cable by a grip. 

Rotating wheel which help to propel the cable car through the haulage rope. Genting Skyway cable car is an example continuous systems.

Suspension and brakes which decelerates the cabins upon approaching the platform so the passengers can embark/disembark.

Of course a multitude of support towers/ pylons dug 40 meters bedrock . This towers made the cable car long distance journey possible and safety.


Speaking of safety, no one was reported harmed or any accidents occur since from the start of operation in 1997.  Dare you to google it and you’ll find nothing. Thanks to its  safety features which utilizes Swiss technology couple with routine maintenance to assure its optimal performance and avoid any disruptions. So riding the Genting Skyway is relatively safe. Source


It was a sigh of relief after seeing back the Genting Skyway welcome signage when our cable car descent to Gohtong Jaya station. Our trip in Genting doesn’t end there. We binge at   Coffee Terrace, sip a coffee and chasing the fogs which we’ll be covered on the succeeding entries.
First Timers,


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  1. Very inspiring! Looking forward to visit that place soon

  2. Lei, Thanks for dropping by. Come with us soon, hindi pa naman na try ang mga rides. 🙂

  3. There is always a place for first-time jitters, Anxiety, fear and joy, suits into one's mind and body. Lucky mo naman to experienced a cable car ride. Ako hanggang trike lang.

  4. hola! I also fear heights but instead of getting away from it ,,, am trying to embrace it … love the hi tech cable cars…I wish to experience that also 🙂

  5. The "first times" are always unforgettable, eh? I wonder how it feels for real! :))

  6. The first time I rode the cable car was going to Sentosa Island. I was alone, but I loved it. I wish it were longer hehe

  7. nice pics of those mechanisms that made the system works… i would prefer a longer trip to really get a better feel of the entire experience

  8. it sure looks fun to ride… 15 minutes to cover 3 km is kinda fast… I'd prefer it to be slower so I could enjoy the view more… hehehe

  9. It's really a nice experience riding cable cars. You should try the cable car in Ngong Ping 360 in Hong Kong, the one leading to the largest outdoor sitting buddha. It takes you about 30 minutes of cable car ride going there.

  10. Wow!!! My first time to ride a cable car was in Singapore, when my beau and I were headed off to Sentosa. It was a short ride, so my jitters went away in a few minutes. But when I tried HK's version, which was longer, I felt my soul leave my! Would really love to try this cable car ride when we visit Genting.. I'm sure I'll enjoy it as well. 🙂

  11. Medyo nakakatawa first na punta ko dyan. Nakashorts ako at super foggy na August LOL napabili ako ng leggings agad na napakamahal hindi ko kinaya :))

    Mica of

  12. My first cable ride experience was in Singapore where the flooring was glass and you can see the bottom I felt I could die. I rode several times again at other places but still I can't get over my fear =)

  13. Not yet old to try po papaleng. You'll enjoy it, lalo na pagkasama apo nyo ^_^

  14. Yes indeed mimidear, our first time cable ride was indeed memorable with all those screaming together with strangers. ^_^

  15. Never had a chance to ride a cable car. Hmmmm Will do this once opportunity knocks 😀

  16. I miss riding this! I hope I can schedule my vacation for next summer para naman makatour ulit Hehe Super fun ride!

  17. Love to ride on that cable car. Wehhh! This is FUN!!!

  18. Place looks like so much fun! 🙂 Oh and your blog is nice. Cute concept. 😉

  19. Yay welcome to my adopted homeland of Malaysia! The transparent floors of the cable cars made it awesome, ey? 🙂

    – jsncruz

  20. hahaha naalala ko first time ko sumakay sa cable car sa Sg parang kinikiliti talampakan but the view below calmed me:)

  21. I've always wanted to try but since it's just sitting in one of parks here, I'm taking it for granted – choosing to just relax instead of taking the ride……

  22. Hola Amigo! If we keep doing it regularly we'll surely overcome our fear of heights. Pagnadaan ka dito, cable car tyo 🙂

  23. We haven't tried in Sentosa, at least in SG it wasn't that scary. We'll try it once we visit Sentosa.

  24. True Ricky, If the bottom of the glass in Genting Skyway was glass we'll surely fainted. We'll try in SG first before HK to challenge ourselves.

  25. Mica, ikaw na hahaha, buti nga lang marami shops sa Gennting. Nung punta namin naka complete gears kami. We have been warned that temp might go down below 20 C at sobrang lamig at fogggy nga. 🙂

  26. Mai, that's what we expect in Genting, good thing it wasn't glass bottom. But we'll surely want to try one in SG and HK for comparison. ^_^

  27. For the love of travel, we'll do it Franc. We hope we could survive that 30 minutes without watching the crystal floor of cable car. hehehe.

  28. I have heard good things about Genting but I haven't been there. We're planning on the 26th, though since it would be a long weekend. 🙂

    I've tried cable cars here in Singapore. It was at night time so the lights were so lovely! 🙂

    The cable car here also fits about 8 people. But back then, there were only 5 of us. I'm not afraid of heights so I was just relaxed as I enjoyed the view. I was even eating icecream. Lol

    You should definitely try to cable car here in SG. 😀

  29. I just visited Genting last month too, but this time its a trip beyond the Theme Park. I don't enjoy theme park that much but I love the weather there. Last month we stayed at Awana Resort then opt for Chin Swee Cave Temple, ang ganda dun! Worth the trip. )

  30. First time to ride a cable car was in Ocean Park HK.:) We weren't able to try this we went to Genting but I do recommend Ngong Ping 360 in HK..mas scary and mas maganda yung view.:)

  31. the cable I've rode was so short distance and have not enjoyed as much as view as you did, it would be nice to have really a longer distance to ride a cable car…

  32. 2012, this year is also the first-time to ride cable cars. Not once, but twice! First time was in Jakarta and the second and the longest yet was in DaLat, vietnam. 🙂

  33. oh! I havent tried this too… Not sure if I will be able to do it though. Haha!

  34. yay! now I can relate!!! Just experienced the same in a different country though! nice experience too! … I love your photos though.. very detailed!

  35. wow will keep this post in mind when its my time for my ride

  36. That would be scary if its here in the Philippines.

  37. Hope to try what you experience Sir Jeff. Mukhang kailangan talaga namin masolo ang cable car. 🙂

  38. You'll surely enjoy the Genting Skyway Tricia, If you're foodie like us, get that Bus+CableCar+Buffet Lunch bundle only for 58RM.

    We plan to try SG's cable car when we're bound to visit there during my Bday ^_^

  39. For the love of Beautiful view, we'll try that scary one in HK. Hoping thing will not go messy during that cable car journey. hahaha

    Pag nakabalik ka sa Genting, try it, lalo na pag gabi 🙂

  40. Yeah we heard the Chin Swee Cave Temple, maganda daw talaga dun. Hope mkavisit kami when we have time 🙂

  41. True, but for altophobics it's the other way around 🙂 the longer the hellish

  42. Thanks Gemma for the compliment!

  43. Good for you Justin, we'll try to have a repeat of cable car ride in SG 🙂

  44. you should try Nessie, it's a lot of fun. 🙂

  45. Thanks a lot Trisha Kue. 🙂

  46. Go Ms Elal Jane it's lotta of fun 🙂

  47. I bet the 3.38 Km is already good for newbies like us but we'll surely try the long one next time if given a chance.

  48. I agree it was too fast, and we're not able to appreciate enough the beauty of Mountain range.

  49. A person who first timer in any activity is usually carried by excitement and curiosity. Later, he or she is affected by fear for being maladjusted to the activity or experience. But this kind of cable car ride, I may not dare to ride for I'm acrophobic!

  50. Sir Gil, that's one of the reason why we drag ourselves to take a cable car ride, to overcome the fear. and it's feel good when you're doing with someone you love. 🙂

  51. this is actually included on my bucketlist.
    Im so inggit. i badly want to try cable cars.

  52. I love being inside the cable car. I just had my first ride last month going to the peak of the mountain of Whistler and the experience was so remarkable.

  53. Yeah, should include the cable car ride, It's lotta fun. 🙂

  54. Ms Airra shouldn't missed this one in Genting. Tag along with friends, it's more fun to scream along with the gang. 🙂

  55. Cheers for the first timers! Indeed and we wish to try other cable cars esp the long distance ones.

  56. I am afraid of heights but surprisingly, I don't mind riding cable cars…maybe because it is small and enclosed. My first was the one in Hongkong going to Ocean Park in the 90's.

  57. I would love to try this exciting cable car but I am one acrophobia. I can hardly see myself on a higher ground and look down from where I stand. I get a sudden heart throb.

  58. The best way to overcome fear is to deal with it, I suggest to have someone same with your dillemma so you'll both enjoy overcoming it, just like we did. 🙂

  59. Thanks Francis. 🙂

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