Temporary Abode: Tune Hotels Hatyai, Thailand

14:30 31/8/2012 The scorching heat of mid noon sun was the warmest welcome  greeted us the moment we set foot in Hatyai. The dry weather might be tolerable but our weary  body and frazzle mind was aptly looking of that cold shower to freshen up. Our brain dictated us to hurry up and locate our hotel as quickly as possible or else we’ll be turning into a roasted pork and duck. We scan the print out hotel reservation and double checked the address to make sure we’re going to the right spot. We knew that our hotel was just near to Hatyai Train Station and it took us only less than 10 minutes of walking before we arrived in Niphat Uthit 2 Road, where Tune Hotel in Hatyai is located.
The red bright coloured facade that we saw from a distance is unmistakably from Tune Hotel. Wherever you go, be it in Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, UK and Thailand the red and white colour is a known trademark of this hotel. 

So how we end up choosing this hotel? As our  usual criteria: decent, affordable, free wifi and outstanding reviews online. Tune Hotels Hatyai had surpassed our expectation and made our stay beyond at our comfort needs.
We got so lucky to avail the promotion from Agoda, our preferred online booking site for accommodation. They give 50% discount for selected hotels and Tune Hotels Hatyai is one of them. So we grab the opportunity and book ahead for two days stay. You might be curious how much we paid? We got the double room type for only 50RM a night in 3 star Hotel Accommodation.



Tune Hotel – Hat Yai
152-156 Niphat Uthit 2 Road, Hat Yai, Songkhla Province
Thailand 90110
They’re located at the heart of Hatyai town and walking distance to retail stores, shopping malls, and entertainment areas. As mentioned it’s near to Hatyai Railway station, so it’s a nice venue for an overnight layover when you travel in between Bangkok -Kuala Lumpur. 

The time we step forward to the reception area, the angelic voice of the staffs greeted us “Sawadee Kap” I was instantly sent to heaven trying to recall what to respond but  Summer acknowledged them with “Sawadee Ka” with almost perfect Thai hand gesture.  When we handed over the printout reservation they politely informed us that we’re an hour ahead of check in time. Sheez! How can we missed that? We just realized that Thailand is one hour behind from Malaysian time. So we turned back  and just check the lounge and the corridor of the hotel instead to burn the time. To our surprise, we met our online friend from  KL whom we bump in the Free Wi-Fi kiosk at the lobby area. He was busy updating his whereabouts on Facebook.

They have 3 dedicated desktops with internet  for Hotel guests and it’s free of charge. So we had spend some time checking some updates and messages in FB. Since our friend had checked in his baggage so we include our backpacks as well. Then we left the hotel to look for authentic Thai food since we haven’t eat any real food yet since morning. 

Check In

We still have 30 minutes before check in time, when we get back to the hotel. With a little persuasion they allowed us to check in early without an additional charge. Normally if you intend to check in early or check out late, you have to shell out 120 Baht. But we got it for free, How Cool is that? Maybe they realized how badly we need to hit the showers and use the loo. 
Check in   Time: 2:00 PM (Thailand Time, +7 GMT)
Check out Time: 11:00 AM (Thailand Time,  +7 GMT)
Documents Need: Print out Copy (If book online) and Original Passport.
(They will photocopy your passport, I believe this is for security reasons)


After the Check In formalities they gave the standard hotel stuff. 2 Towels + Toiletries ( Shampoo and Soap)+ Remote Control for Flat Screen TV+ Access Card+ Exclusive Wi-Fi password. 

If you’re not familiar with Tune Hotels, they have that optional add-ons. Which you pay the basic standard of the room and make an add-on of your preference. Like 12 or 24 hours AC for rooms and In room wifi, Cable for a day, Towel and Toiletries. This kind of scheme is perfect  for travellers who prefers good value for money and only need the essentials. Since we book online we got the Cozy Package: Air Conditioning (12 hours), Towel & Toiletries (1 set), Entertainment Package and Internet Connection (24 hours)

Then we proceed to 8th floor, which will be staying for 2 nights. We got so lucky as  available rooms were at  the peak of this hotel. Number 8 also plays  important role in our life, date of we become together and promise to be forever as it symbolizes infinity. 

Our Double Room

So much for cheesiness, when we opened the room, this surprises us. A very spacious room with a comfy double bed, a wooden tile floor,  and big windows for that ambient light.

The room was really huge for standard double room which makes more breathable. This room is perfect for honeymooners who loves to play catch me if you can  or  do some shades of grey games. Feeling Naughty eh?

Hotel Room Amenities 

We love the soft pillows provided by the hotel, this would help the snorers to ease their sleep. The beddings and pillow case doesn’t have that chlorinated stench, just a neutral odor which is good for olfactory freak like us. The glass side tables were unique and strong enough to support our bulky stuffs. Tune Hotel rooms had built in wardrobe rod and hangers for your clothing. It also comes with Hair dryer mounted on the wall, and free to use. There is also a safety deposit box, in case you don’t want to bring your valuables and have it safeguard in the hotel room.



If you came from Malaysia and Singapore and have those 3 pin plugs and forget that converter, then no worry all of there sockets are universal, which mean you can use either 2 or 3 pins type. In case you got bored waiting for someone or just want to kill the time, a cable TV is available. Though it’s not free but good enough to make you entertain while watching their local TV shows and premium channels.

Tune hotels provided a very clean fresh towels together  free toiletries as come with our package. I love the smoke glass window of shower room, just a silhouette what you can peek inside. Their shower room had continuous supply of warm water which we gave a two thumbs up. 

The most important aspect that we consider about accommodation is the cleanliness of the Loo. And Tune Hotels Hatyai was the perfect example of how tidy a Comfort Room should be. It was well maintained and could not find any dirt on the wall or floor tiles, toilet and in the sink.  The water faucet on the sink had also unlimited supply of warm water which is very essential for people who preferred washing there face with tepid water. There is nothing that we can complained about their amenities. 


The best about staying in Tune Hotels Hatyai for two days aside from their  amenities, was the view of hotel’s window. Since we’re on 8th floor,  we can clearly see Hatyai town from sunrise till dawn. It’s perfect spot to capture a time lapse as you can see the simple daily life of  Hatyai from this vantage point. I’ll try to experiment it next time when we visit Hatyai.

Gwang and Phan (with glasses)
To Experience is to believe




Our pleasant experience we had in Tune Hotels Hatyai would not be possible if not with these two Thai ladies.  Gwang, the sweet and amiable receptionist who assist us when our In-Room Wi-Fi password wasn’t working. And  her colleague Phan both had entertained us during the early check in. We’re so grateful of Phan’s   initiative in arranging a VIP car service for us. The driver that she commended was very friendly and made our tour in Hatyai and Songkhla more memorable. The two girls deserves a raise for their exemplary and admirable customer service.






We highly recommend Tune Hotels Hatyai if you’re looking for a value of money and descent place to stay in Hatyai, Thailand. 

If  you need more information check their official website.

Tune Hotels Hatyai

Book through Agoda and avail awesome discounts like we enjoyed, click below.

This is not a sponsored post but our way of appreciation with our good stay in this hotel

Tune Hotel Fan,

Sky and Summer 

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  1. Pauline Buenafe says: Reply

    So a stay in Tune hotel can get that cheap! I also find the hotel really nice for a budget hotel. Unfortunately, we weren't able to book a room within our budget during our stay in Kota Kinabalu. But it was really nice.

  2. Yes Pauline, they got promos from time to time. We're just so lucky to avail it from Agoda. 🙂 A comfortable hotel with affordable rates.

  3. Ayun! Me too, Most of the time I arrive to a place hot! haha. Good thing you were able to find a nice accommodation there 🙂 Wait, pagkain ba yung Sawadee Kap? LOL!

  4. Yeah, we booked our accommodation way ahead of our schedule because you can't just simply walk in this hotel.

    Kung pagkain ang Sawadee Kap sure ako masarap ito. lol

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