Hatyai Trip: Exotic Foods

20:30 31/8/2012 Ever since I was fond of reading travel blogs, I can’t help myself but got disgusted whenever I saw exotic food photos. I remembered a famous chic blogger consume crispy bugs and spiders in Cambodia. That got me almost puke and skipped lunch for that day. When I  told this thing to Summer, trying to convince her. She said. “Why you should try it first for yourself before I took a gross stuff in my mouth”. Since we love to challenge each other. I give her a nod. We agreed upon, as soon we have the opportunity to munch those critters like foodies, Sky will take his first ever bite in this Hatyai trip. It will be inevitable for Sky to fulfill that challenge. Will he do it or chicken out?

Fried Maggots
Deep Fried Crickets
Raw Spicy Crablets

Our food trip meandering halted when our travel buddy spotted some bizarre street foods. Fried maggots, deep fried crickets, raw spicy crablets. Though crabs are edible but it kinda weird eating it raw.

Then we met two young Thai ladies just purchased a pouch of fried critters.  One lady showed us the plastic of deep fried cricket. She even shared the exotic food and invite us to try. 

She  nibbles the cricket in a slow pace so we could see and hear clearly how crunchy and juicy it is. We are amaze how these two ladies relentlessly eat the insects. Whoa, our travel buddy got tempted and tried at least one.

With encouragement from our two new friends and our travel buddy. Sky oblige and tried it.

After a single bite, he said. “The cricket wasn’t taste bad after all.” He swallows the cricket partially chewed. He slightly felt that cricket’s legs were moving in his esophagus. At least he didn’t gag or something. I handed him a bottle water and reminded him that he just fulfilled one of his challenges. Yohoo! He still can’t believe that he overcome it.

Well, thanks to our new friends and travel buddy who made Sky gnaw that crunchy cricket without a second thought.

Kap Khun Ka!

The food trip doesn’t end in munching an exotic food. We continue our food hopping in Hatyai city center on the next post.

Foodie Couple,

Summer and Sky

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18 Replies to “Hatyai Trip: Exotic Foods”

  1. This is a feat. The type that I will never do or be even slightly interested in doing haha! I'm glad one of you had the courage and the taste buds to do it though. I'm sure it was nothing short of interesting 🙂

  2. For the sake of challenge, curiosity and Pinoy machismo is at stake if he didn't munch those crickets in front of those Thai ladies.

  3. whoa i dunno if i will find myself trying to much on crickets. good job =)

  4. Blair Villanueva says: Reply

    You are very brave.. I haven't tried it in my whole life.. I admire your courage 🙂

  5. Justin Queyquep says: Reply

    Grrrr! So far, 'salagubang' pa lang na-try ko tikman, at ayoko na maulip pa, kahit anong klaseng bugs pa! hehehehe

  6. I think i can handle the raw crabs… but absolutely not the maggots..thinking where they came from makes me sick.

  7. It taste like an overcook fried shrimp minus the legs though. 🙂

  8. We can't eat crabs because both of us have allergy. We plan to munch maggots when we come back.

  9. Rochkirstin Santos says: Reply

    Holy cow! Fried maggots… I think I would never eat those exotic delicacy! Haha

  10. Yummy! i love those. my lola used to cook those for us with my cousins. And i dont have any problems eating exotic foods as long as their well-cooked and clean. hihihih

  11. Claire Rafols says: Reply

    Wahh, crablet is yummy, I don't know if I could try to eat the cricket

  12. Seriously? Fried maggots? Oh my! I wouldn't dare try exotic foods talaga. I just don't know why. :/

  13. When comes to adventurous eating, I'm game, though upon seeing those magots, i don't think I have enough courage for that!

  14. I love to try those but they just look so "exotic".. I don't think i have the guts to try them.. 🙂

  15. i would try anything that is new to me,otherwise cant say if like or not.
    never should say "eeeeew" to food unless have tasted 🙂

  16. Agree! even the creepiest looking bizaare food are the tastiest. 🙂

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