St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral, Cagayan de Oro City

15:45 26/12/2012 It was a few years back when Summer told me that she’ll tour me around her hometown Cagayan de Oro. But every time we visit her place, unexpected events came up more important than gallivanting the city. Last year, a day after Christmas she brought me to the oldest church in CDO, the St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral. Aside from the religious significance of this church to  Kagay-anons. This century old place of worship  had been  associated with myth or  local folklore.

St. Augustine Church Facade



Looking on it’s exterior, one could tell it’s a newly built Gothic architecture inspired church. Originally it was built around 1845 and nearly a century it was destroyed  during World War II. It was rebuilt and only the wooden cross in front was the remnant of the old church.


The patron saint of the church is St. Augustine, the famous saint of Augustinian friars. His feast is observed on 28th of August, date of his death. Cagayan de Oro City celebrates Kagay-anon festival in honor to their patron St. Augustine. 


When you entered the cathedral you’ll be welcome by  elaborate design arches and antique wooden pews. Making it one   of it’s kind. The ambient light at the altar illuminates as it comes from heaven. The solemn atmosphere made us more feel the divine presence.


Interior of St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral, Cagayan de Oro


After we said our prayers, I recalled what Summer told me about the connection of an old folklore to St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral. As she remembered during her childhood days. A story had been passed through many generations. About  an underground tunnel  below the church  connected to the river, in which a giant golden whale called “oro” lives. Being curious , I research and read about it. I even bump a story of a priest being swallowed by this big fish when he took a bath in the river (read more story here). Summer added when the city experiences an earthquake, the old folks believe it’s due to the movement golden whale’s tail. It may be recounted as folklore, or a myth but only the old folks of Kagay-anons can tell.

Church Goers,

Sky and Summer

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  1. The church is huge. The myth story caught my interest and also read the related post. The carp in the photo in the article is really huge.

  2. ang gaganda naman ng mga church na ito. there is no reason to anyone not to visit them and prays inside. .

  3. Old churches never miss to amaze me, I'm not a catholic but I like how the structures are made.

  4. amother thing I would like to do in philippines is to go around and take pictures and maazing videos of our churches!!! they're in seem to be gracious when you look at it anyway! great shots! xx

  5. Folklore never ceases to amaze curious people 🙂

  6. Very solemn place.

  7. Much more if you knew the historical value of the church.

  8. Good Luck Mary Jane!

  9. I'm lovin' old churches! But knowing the history of old churches here in the Philippines made me more interested to know everything about them. From its architecture, how it's able to withstand wars and the beauty of the church itself.

  10. One of the things that I regret doing when we visited CDO was to visit different churches. We were actually able to attend mass at a church that was near Limketkai, but we left since we couldn't understand the dialect. Anyhow, I hope that when I visit again, I'll make sure to say a prayer in St. Augustine. 🙂

  11. Gigi Beleno says: Reply

    I was in CDO severals years ago and I get to visit this church. But I think I don't agree about decorating church premises just like it is a mall structure.

  12. The design of the churches here in the Philippines always fascinated me.:)

  13. exlinkevents says: Reply

    Great architecture. This is one of the best things we inherited from Spain.

  14. I was amazed sa church interior. It is unlike traditional Catholic cathedrals.

  15. There's hundreds or even a thousand of historical churches scattered on 7107 islands in our country. And one of them is our very own San Pedro Cathedral. 🙂

  16. Pay a visit some other time, it's near CDO city hall 🙂

  17. They're only decorated during Christmas season I believe.

  18. The uniquness of Baroque, Gothic or Romanesque design of Philippine churches made them worth to visit.

  19. I agree, one of the things we're thankful for Spain.

  20. The church had a touch of modern interior designs.

  21. Claire Rafols says: Reply

    Wow, the interior of the Cathedral looks really amazing

  22. old churches in the Philippines are really architecturally interesting

  23. Loooking nice! Gothic architecture.
    This edifice looks imposing, yet the facade is simple and unadorned.
    Makes me wanna go ang paint the walls.
    Well, maybe that the charm in it.

  24. This is one of the most popular perhaps the most photographed structure in the city of the golden friendship. I came from this city and I'm proud being called Kagay-anons.
    Nice post.

  25. I didn't know that, I must be lucky to take a snap of this most photographed structure. Anyways, I'll be coming more often to CDO since my wifey is feisty true blooded Kagay-anon 🙂

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