Khornang Dim Sum, Hatyai Thailand

09:50 01/09/2012 Sunshine showed up  from our huge window, greeted us Sawadee. But it’s not the main reason why we drag ourselves early in the morning during our second day in Hatyai. We’d been told by  our travel buddy from the initial acquaintance yesterday that he visited a Dim Sum restaurant nearby. When he narrated his good experience we can’t hide our enthusiasm and would tow him in an instant. But we got dismayed when he said, they only open early in the morning  and re open in the evening. We don’t want to miss that opportunity and and deprive our empty gut.

Khornang Dim Sum looks like a typical Mamak shop in (Malaysia) or Carenderia (Food stall in the Philippines) but don’t be deceive by the restaurant exterior. You’ll never get lost in this restaurant,  it’s just located back opposite of our temporary abode Tune Hotels Hatyai.


The aroma coming from the newly steamed dim sum blown us away. It was our first time to see a tower pile of bamboo steamers. Choices was endless and we can’t decide what to choose. We just relied from our friend’s recommendation since he had already tried some of it.
Pork Shrimp Siomai – delicious and  made us forget the siomai we had tasted in our life.
Shrimp Dumpling – no BS, it’s heaven in our mouth to our gut.
Dumplings – surprisingly delectable
Steam Goat (Caldereta like) – The winner, the goat meat was so tender and late realized we consumed 3 bowls of this.
The Steamy Bun – your not so usual Pao.

For a spicy kick  we paired it with their famous Thai Chili Sauce. The aroma of chili’s, vinegar and spices is intoxicating.
But choices for Dim Sum are not only limited to steamed ones, they have a cold variety but we opted not to try these, we’ll save it on our next visit 🙂
After waiting for 15 minutes of choosing our own sets of dim sum, it only took us 10 minutes to devour it. We’re so damn hungry and can’t get enough and since we’re on a diet we ordered another set.

From empty gut to protruding stomach, that’s how we started our pig out day. We would highly recommend this place for it’s food and value of money. 

Khornang Dim Sum

Address: 162-164 Niphat Uthit 3 Road, Hat Yai, Songkhla, 

Note: This is not paid post or some sort, we just want to share our good experience with this restaurant.
Foodie Couple,

Sky and Summer

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  1. that's a lot of dimsum, the varieties look delicious I hope I get to try one of these if ever I return to Thailand
    – Wanderer Juan

  2. Dimsum! We have Dimsum break here and seems to have the same foods, not all though, but haven't tried one.

  3. I like steamed food.. they are so refreshing for me! And if its not because of the variety of food choices in Thailand, I should not have any reasons to go there someday! aside from the beautiful places of course..

  4. That has certainly worked up my appetite! I suddenly craved for some steamed treats. I'm glad to know that you consumed so much during that morning. Ü

  5. Yummy foods! I like to try the steam Pao and Steam goat.

  6. It would be nice to eat the dim sum and dumplings here and I'm sure with the additional taste of Thai.

  7. I heard so much good things about places in Thailand but this post is different because it is all about the food. It's interesting to know more about Thai cuisine

  8. Thailand is one of my travel destination, they have great beaches and out of this world food. I am one of the thai food fan.

  9. Wow! All these dim sum look so delectable! I haven't been to Thailand yet, but I'd love to experience their food especially those offered in hawker/carinderia-style food spots.

  10. Rochkirstin Santos says: Reply

    I wonder did you have any translator or tour guide with you to communicate with Thai locals? When we went there last time, we really had a hard time interpreting what we need to say through actions. Of course, in restaurants, we can just select our orders through pointing them on the menu. But the rest was a nightmare. Haha.

  11. Since Hatyai is nearest to Malaysian border, they can speak and understand a bit of Bahasa Melayu which two us can speak a little. And yes we have Thai translator apps in case 🙂

  12. Best foods in Thailand are found in the streets not in the restaurant base from our experience.

  13. Thai Chili did it's role to make it more Thai 🙂 More to say, they have the best dim sum and dumplings in Hatyai.

  14. Rochkirstin Santos says: Reply

    We too had Thai translator apps and I even used some of the sentences suggested to communicate with their folks. Yup, I was successful in sending the message. Problem is, I could not understand their reply (because it was in Thai as well). Lol. And…I was mistaken too many times as Thai.

  15. The shots even made the food look even more tempting. I wonder how the second to the last picture looks like, you said it was a cold variety?

  16. The shots made the food look even more tempting. I wonder how the second to the last picture looks like, you said it was a cold variety?

  17. lovemindanao says: Reply

    Yum Yum Yum ! you really did pig out yourselves there ,,, I like to try the steam goat! and the whatever inside that pile of bamboo steamers. hehehe .. kainggit !

  18. We can't comprehend with their response and not that we expect from them. They even believe us we're Malaysians since we both act and speak Malay 🙂

  19. Agree with out of this world food, and I had enjoyed the last time I eat some crispy crickets.

  20. You'll be reading more food post on the succeeding entries.

  21. We never tasted the cold ones, but I assume it's just same with steamed ones.

  22. We had enjoyed a lot, and it's only a beginning of our Gluton feast that day.

  23. Uh, I want to try some Thai dishes! They look so yummy! =)

  24. Food capital of the world for me ang Thailand. Nakakamiss din ang Cup Jok Instant soup at CP Instant meals aside from the street foods. Ang swerte ninyo malapit lang kayo dyan at nakakapunta kayo anytime hehe!

  25. Dimsums, Dumplings, steam buns.. oh heaven!
    Fortunately, here is Manila.. we can enjoy these food, more on authentic chinese in Binondo..
    And what's more, most aren't really posh restos, so you can eat all you want and not worry about huge bills.
    i huess this is something to look forward to when in Hatyai, Thailnad

  26. oh I love siomai especially the pork and shrimp one. I miss Siomai House in Metro Manila due to your gastronomic photos of dimsum. lol

  27. wow pre! Angsarap tumambay diyan!

  28. Oh my! it all looks delissssh. I'd like to check out this place on my next visit to Thailand. 🙂

  29. Earl Pablo says: Reply

    Oh my stomach! I am an dim sum addict (oppps) and with those delish wow I am longing for it but couldn't go yet to Thai so next time around…

  30. wahh, nag lalaway aq. 🙂 The photos looks so yummy…

  31. I love dimsum! would love to try them all. 🙂

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