Melaka Trip 2.0 : Melaka River Cruise

19:55 26/10/2012  The day had almost expired as the mighty sun was partially engulfed by  Melaka river from our sight. And the boat was half filled when we handed over our ticket for the river cruise. Everyone had jauntily passed the ramp with a smile. Parents with kids in tow, lovers, and friends boarded the boat. All was looking for a comfortable seat. But us, bargain the comfy for a great view. We obtain a seat near the helmsman as it gives a better view cruising the Melaka river at night. The engine started without giving any signal and the boat navigating  the historic Melaka river once hailed as “Venice of the east”.

Let  us a show what to see  and expect to cruise the Melaka river at night. The video is only 10 minutes on the actual 45 minutes cruise along the Melaka River. 

The Ticket booth of Melaka River Cruise is at the back of Samudera Museum or behind that replica ship of Flor Del Mar. 

Tickets Cost: 15 RM/ Adult

River cruising, will give you a glimpse of Melaka without stressing out your thighs and feet. It’s really intended for  slow pace travelers and tourist who doesn’t care about time. It’s also  highly recommended for couples who want’s to spend a romantic evening. 

The dilapidated buildings in the morning turns into a big piece of art in the evening. The walls   of old buildings become a canvass and each of them represents a piece of what Malaysia is.

The French Gothic-inspired St. Francis Xavier Church with brilliant colors at night, was one of our  the Melaka River night cruise highlight. A  spectacular view from the boat in which people can’t stop glaring.

Before our 45 minutes boat ride concluded, we’re thankful that we’re able to come back and had spoiled as usual by the dazzling colors of Melaka. It’s one of the lists that we want to tick off when we revisit Melaka and we just did.

In Love with Melaka,

Sky and Summer

This is part of our Melaka Trip Series

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  1. Very nice activity to do for a tourist. I now regret cancelling my supposed side trip to Melaka from Singapore. Sana may ganito din sa Pinas ano?

  2. Drew, you had missed a lot. I hope they can imitate this, like in Pasig or Marikina River. I'm wondering ano maipapakita sa cruise if ever. hehehe

  3. Rjay Datingaling says: Reply

    parang Venice ng Malaysia den Ilog Pasig ng Pilipinas chos! Gnda nmn dyan 🙂 -KULAPITOT

  4. Thanks Gay! I'm pretty sure your Mom would surely love riding on these boats.

  5. Uu naman, kulang lang sa Rehabilitation ang Pasig River. Since meron naman historical value ang Pasig River why not turn them into tourist attraction. Just saying.

  6. now it's legit to say i can relate to this post.
    we liked our malacca river cruise experience too!
    sarap bumalik pag may chance.

  7. Ikalawang balik na namin to and we planned to visit Malacca again. Good thing Doc you enjoyed the cruise as well. Btw, we had already book our schedule for Georgetown Day on July, see yeah again!

  8. great! see you in GTF! 🙂
    off topic : i already included your site in my blogroll; pasensya na nahuli lolo nyo. hehehe!

  9. Thanks for adding us. OK lang Doc, better late than never. See yeah in July!

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