Songkhla Trip: Wat Phranon Laem Pho

11:30 1/09/2012 Clouds concealing the mighty sun, cold wind blows, just a perfect weather exploring Songkhla, Southern province in Thailand. It’s our second day in Hatyai-Songkhla Trip last year when our driver/tour guide brought us to the places least we expect to visit. One of them is the Wat Phranon Laem Pho in Ko Yo Mueang Songkhla Thailand. We don’t have any idea why we had detour  on our way to Songkhla. We caught by a surprise when a massive golden reclining buddha welcomed us.


We had already seen a gigantic Standing Buddha during our visit in Hatyai Municipal Park. One in Wat Phranon Laem Pho is something extra-ordinary as it depicts a sleeping buddha. It’s our very first time to see a big reclining or sleeping buddha in our life.


In Buddhism it depicts Gautama Buddha attaining final nirvana or “perfect stillness”. It also symbolizes liberation, eternal bliss, rebirth and calm joy. 

More or less the length in size is about 20 meters and 5 meters tall (just our approximation). We are both overwhelm just looking on this behemoth masterpiece in Ko Yo Mueang Songkhla. We’re wondering how they able to preserve such beauty as this big monument is exposed to different elements of nature.


Aside from the reclining,  a sitting and standing buddhas were also present in this temple. There comes in different form and sizes. A Golden Stupas and Shrines are also near these Buddhist statues. We saw locals citing some prayers on these colorful shrines.


Our tour guide politely reminded us, it’s time to leave but he didn’t turn as down as he whispered to us “another big reclining buddha in Hatyai later”. Our eyes glowed with amazement upon hearing what he just said. Another Reclining Buddha explored on the succeeding entry.

Temple Raiders,

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  1. says: Reply

    whoa! the buddhas are huge! i can't imagine how you took those amazing photos. walang tao that time? hihi

  2. Waley, sinasadya talaga ang temple nato, kaya solo namin. hihihi

  3. ay ang lalaki nila… grabe you are so lucky to get all the right angles of these marvels.. wow..

  4. GilCamporazo says: Reply

    The Buddhas are so huge. Why are they too big? Is their a significance for that extra ordinary sizes of Buddha?

  5. everyone is going to thailand. i really wanted to go there and see it in person!

  6. The structures are really huge. I should see them in Thailand too.

  7. These Buddha structures are quite huge and imposing. I hope I get to see these too.

  8. Ang laki ng buddha, hoping someday mapuntahan ko rin yan…

  9. wow that buddha is so huge! Where is your next destination?

  10. Sarah Andres Estor says: Reply

    wow! that's one big buddha. hopefully i get to visit there and see those structures. 🙂

  11. Yeah, thanks to our tour guide for bringing us there so early.

  12. Yes Sir Gil, Mega Buddhas similar to this are just example how Thai's immortalize their huge belief in their religion.

  13. Yes, you'll be surprise that this country had millions of Buddhas 🙂

  14. Indonesia and Myanmar is on our mind! 🙂

  15. You'll be more surprise that Thailand had several of this. We visited two in Southern province.

  16. Yes, Frank, a must visit when you visit Songkhla, the southern province of Thailand.

  17. Imposing as it is, and this site is hidden in an island in Songkhla.

  18. Malaki talaga, at napa wow kami nang una namin to makita.

  19. ow!! those are really cool BUDDHA's!!! love the gigantic sculptures.. 🙂

  20. Wow! Those are iconic buddhas. Thailand has lots to offer to visitors.

  21. such an amazing photo! i love all the angles! also the statues looks incredible! i guess its my first time seeing a statue standing?

  22. Thanks MJ, and there's a big one in Hatyai Municipal Park. you should visit it.

  23. Indeed! Thailand has thousands of them.

  24. that sleeping buddha is a beauty and it's huge! how far is this place from BKK?

  25. algene may cutamora says: Reply

    Gosh! I want to go to this place. And you have great photos. Vibrant ang colors. Just perfect 🙂

  26. Yamito Uytingco Calamba says: Reply

    Great post! I like that ideas you pointed out on visiting this place. 🙂

  27. ♫ Janel Cabrera ♫ says: Reply

    paano pumunta dyan from hat yai? =)

  28. There are Tuk-Tuk or taxi service that goes to Ko Yo, Songkhla. We highly recommend to rent a car for the whole day, as rentinng tuk-tuk is more costly than a car. 🙂 Enjoy Songkhla!

  29. Indah Pratiwi Putri says: Reply

    Hi there,

    I need your suggestion for backpacker hotel in Ko Yo Mueang.

    Do they speak/understand english? (or maybe some people are understand english)

    Thank you

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