Hatyai Trip: Wat Hat Yai Nai

17:35 01/09/2012 When our travel guide/driver blithely blab upon heading to the iconic site of Hat Yai. Our eyes glared with amusement. Where Where Where? we exclaimed in unison. He just answered with a smirk. Ayoo! This guy really knows exactly how to make people excited. We just recalled,  earlier that morning he mention that he’ll bring us to one of spectacular and most visited place in Hatyai. Little did we know we’ll visit the  Phra Phutta Hattha Mongkhon or commonly known as Wat Hat Yai Nai, one of the  largest reclining buddha in the Thailand.

We almost jump out into our seat and commanded him to flew his car. He nod and sped off as if he owns the road, a daredevil.  We reach Wat Hat Yai Nai in less than 15 minutes coming  from Khlong Hae Floating Market ( ตลาดน้ำคลองแห )

A massive multi roof tiers with intricate designs houses the mammoth sleeping buddha welcomed us in Wat Hat Yai Nai It’s the main attraction of this well known buddha complex in Southern ThailandIt’s view from afar make it as perfect  post card subject. A formidable sight and still we can’t believe that we’re in front in one of the  largest reclining buddha in the world.

An unending appreciation of their distinctive construction style and culture. Everywhere we look at is a feast of architecture fondness. Red – orange spectrum of tiered roofs, designed  with a hints of mythical creatures like Naga’s and Garuda. 

Looking at the gable from a distance give us already a hint of how elaborately crafted it is. Inspecting and viewing it closer made us dumbfounded. Even the massive main pillars had some notable embellishment.
Undulating serpentine patterns evoking of a Naga and that blade like projection of Naga fins and feathers of Garuda sculpted on it’s roofs finials. And the main attraction of Phra Phutta Mongkhon aka Wat Hat Yai Nai was their magnificient 35 meters long, 15 meters tall and 10 meters wide reclining buddha. 


It’s touted to be one of  largest reclining buddha in the world. The current  record holder, is the one in Myanmar. This is the second reclining buddha that we visited after Wat Phranon Laem Pho in Songkhla. This depiction of reclining buddha closely resembles of a human, contrary to the godly gold colored type ones.

Spot  a bird?


Upon gazing this colossal buddha, we noticed that his palm is not really supporting the head but merely brushing his ears. We thought whenever a believer said a request or prayer to him, he had an ear to listen and grant their desires.
We whisper our desires to Buddha and one of that was for safe travel back home. In which we believe had been granted as we able to reach KL still in tact. Speaking of desires, another one had been fulfilled after we visit third gargantuan reclining buddha in which we’ll be sharing on the succeeding post.
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0 Replies to “Hatyai Trip: Wat Hat Yai Nai”

  1. soloflightEd says: Reply

    parang nakakulong lang si giant buddha pero wala pa ring pakialam. lol.

    I've only been to a few temples in Chiang Mai and rare ones in BKK. love the last shot! 🙂

  2. Thanks Eds, dahil hindi kami nakuntento, dadalawin namin yung ibang reclining Buddha ng Thailand.

  3. Shugah Pauline G. says: Reply

    I love it! Grabe! ang ganda! I dont know ha pero nagagandahan tlga ako sa mga temples.


  4. wow looks really interesting.. i love this buddha so different from the others

  5. I saw the Buddha in Hong Kong which was among the largest outdoor sitting Buddha. It would be nice to see the reclining Buddha too.

  6. Im not into Buddha's, I remember reading something about this reclining one..
    Very interesting, especially with the outstanding architechture that houses it.
    The Multi Tiered is a sight to see, I can understand why you both so excited..
    Its as exquisite as it is described, I can tell its more if seen personally.

  7. Jeffrey Rilles says: Reply

    This is one of the reasons why I am interested to explore Thailand, Cambodia and Myanmar. their temples are indeed amazing and interesting. Ganda ng mga photos!

  8. aww something i have to put on my mind to visit… I'll be visiting Thailand again on November i hope its a good time to visit the place.

  9. Librero Tres says: Reply

    The only Buddha I have seen so far are the small ones placed in many chinese stores (and some Filipino stores) where the statue were placed, not because they are adherent of the Buddhist belief but because they consider it lucky. I have yet to see a giant Buddha, much more a reclining one though I have to put it aside for now because I haven't finished travelling the whole Philippines yet.

    But definitely, this will be one on the list of what's to visit when I finally travel outside of the Philippines!

  10. This structure is intricately beautiful and I'm sure it would really be something to see it with my own eyes. Any special significance of the reclining Buddha?

  11. a-an alfafara says: Reply

    I wonder which part of Thailand is this, reminds me of the reclining Buddha we say in Bangkok. Lots of temples in Thailand I should say.

  12. Filipino Bloggers WW says: Reply

    That is one beautiful Buddha, a reclining buddha that is always ready for a photo shoot.

  13. Reclining Buddha is depiction of Buddha's death and of his attaining paranirvana (complete awakening)

  14. I have seen some sitting buddhas as well in Thailand but not that big like in Hong Kong.

  15. Thanks Jeff! There's a lot more to see in IndoChina add Laos on that list.

  16. That is one Huge Budda! This is indeed something to look at Thailand

  17. I am fixated with buddhas and it's influence in Asia, blame it to my History Teacher.

  18. Yes, November is good time to visit Thailand, it's also their Thai New year.

  19. The laughing buddha or pot belly buddha depicted by Chinese which considered lucky is only a depiction of who become enlighten not actual Siddharta Gautama itself. 🙂

  20. This is in Hatyai, Southern Province in Thailand near to Malaysian Border. There are plenty of temples in Bangkok, surely you'll visit one if the reclining buddhas

  21. And there's more bigger than that in some parts in Thailand.

  22. Agree! this is the most photograph icon in Hatyai.

  23. Aleah | SolitaryWanderer.com says: Reply

    I've been to some reclining Buddhas in Thailand (Sangkhlaburi, Ayutthaya), but this one is by far the biggest and grandest. Love the shot with the bird!

  24. Hey thanks Aleah! Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai is on our mind now. We'll be exploring for another reclining buddha's

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