Songkhla Trip: Coconut Ice Cream (ไอศครีมมะพร้าว)

13:18 01/09/2012 Unbearable heat made us skedaddle away from the shore of Samila Beach, in Songkhla,Thailand after a compulsory photo op with the famous bronze mermaid. We took refuge from the big trees nearby trying to ease off the heat that made us awfully weary. While cooling down, a  kiddo passed by carrying a mixed creamy desert on a plastic cup. Our eyes glowed and next thing we knew was  following his trail and bump the Coconut Ice Cream (ไอศครีมมะพร้าว) peddler.

Just right on time, no one keeps the vendor busy and we hastily jump in and took our orders.


We’re so lucky as we didn’t much take an effort to hunt this tasteful treat since it can be bought on any street in Thailand. We heard that version in the Southern province are more special because of its extra toppings as compared to ones in Bangkok. 



The extra toppings are semi toasted bread cubes, diced dried fruit, sweetened transparent beans, and peanuts. 



The friendly Coconut Ice Cream (ไอศครีมมะพร้าว) peddler in Samila Beach, Songkhla Thailand candidly posed with Summer before bunching up our dessert.




Assembling this treat is easy as 1 2 3. She put some partially toasted bread first, followed by a scoop of Coconut Ice Cream then different toppings. Voila! our 30 Baht Coconut Ice Cream Special.



The Ice cream was so sweet and  goes well with semi toasted salty bread. In which balances it’s sweetness. While the toppings intensify the flavor of the ice cream. Yum! This dessert lowered down the heat on our body and same time relieves our grumbling stomach.
Coconut Ice Cream (ไอศครีมมะพร้าว)  is one of the famous desserts in Thailand and one should not be missed when visiting the country.
Foodie Couple,
Sky and Summer

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  1. looks really yummy!!! will definitely enjoy this when I visit Thailand..

  2. Jonas Ignatius Labagala says: Reply

    Yum! I'm now hungry! I haven't seen the Bangkok version of this ice cream but right now, I've got to vote for this one. 😀

  3. I'm a huge fan of ice creams. This one looks definitely yummy. I hope I can visit Thailand too and this is one of the first things I will search for 🙂

  4. In BKK, is just a plain coconut ice cream.

  5. It looks like the halo-halo version of them. What if we try having here too in Phil? 🙂

  6. algene may cutamora says: Reply

    Gahhhh. I want to try that one! Parang masarap eh 😀

  7. omg I would love to try that thing! It's like Thailand's version of the Pinoy halo-halo! Nagutom tuloy ako! =)

  8. ooooooooooooooooooh ♥ I want to try this coconut ice cream!!. Based on the pictures, it looks really delicious.

  9. Looks like halo halo. Looks so cool and delicious. Perfect for the summer heat!

  10. omg! i shud try this icecream this novemeber when we go visit thailand again! sounds very yummy and I super love coconut!

  11. Anong lasa? Guess I have to try one out kung meron dito or if ever makapunta ako sa Thailand.

  12. hmmm…this looks yummy. Parang halo-halo but with a twist. When I get to thailand, I'll definitely try one of those. 🙂

  13. Rochkirstin Santos says: Reply

    This is like halo-halo in the Philippines, right? It seems that their version has fewer ingredients.

  14. ice cream with fruit toppings, I see kaong, nuts, rice crispies and is that squash at the side? it looks yum…but is it clean? heheh

  15. Yes they are clean, my in behalf is very particular with sanitation 🙂

  16. It's an Ice Cream with Toppings, they don't put crashed ice on it so it doesn't resembles with Halo-halo

  17. It's taste good, matamis siya pero na babalance ng salty bread cubes.

  18. Put it on your list when you go food tripping in Thailand! You can never go wrong with this treat.

  19. It's not like Halo-Halo but just an ice cream with toppings. It will be a good idea to start it in Phils.

  20. It's heavenly tasty than it looks, if you have sweet tooth, you'll love there coconut ice cream.

  21. GilCamporazo says: Reply

    Coconut ice cream… iba ito ah… It is not too sweet like a noted ice cream here in the country PH. I really love any product out of coconut. I am sure I do like this too.

  22. soloflightEd says: Reply

    wow,, extra toppings indeed! hehe. namahalan ako sa 30 baht when i bought one in Khao San Road. but it's still the same price lang pala dyan. haha

  23. based on your description, no wonder it's one of the famous dessert in Thailand..

  24. Lilibeth Torres says: Reply

    I've never seen a similar desert here in the Phils. Would love to try it pa naman! 🙂

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