Travel Snaps: Istana Kehakiman, Putrajaya Federal Territory of Malaysia

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Looking at it from a distance, one could  mistakenly identify it as  Mosque, like we did. Later we realize,  it’s actually Malaysia’s Palace of Justice or “Istana Kehakiman“.  Just a glimpse you can tell  the influence of classical Islamic architecture same with Taj Mahal of Agra, India. Wherever you look at it, it really deserves your camera’s click. Istana Kehakiman is an iconic place in Putrajaya that shouldn’t be missed.  

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23 Replies to “Travel Snaps: Istana Kehakiman, Putrajaya Federal Territory of Malaysia”

  1. says: Reply

    i love the photo, so crisp. can't wait for the full story 🙂

  2. Thanks Carla! 🙂

  3. Interesting to see pictures like this. This way the audience of your blog can see how important snaps pictures are. A kind of a photo story for me that guides me to appreciate more.

  4. Rochkirstin Santos says: Reply

    Taj Mahal is considered an important wonder of the world because of its architectural beauty. Yup this site is similar to India's Taj Mahal. 🙂 I would also want someday to visit more Asian countries with my family.

  5. Borris Mabulay says: Reply

    Looks like it has a resemblance of a Mosque, probably that's what really the symbol of Muslim culture.

  6. Looks like Taj Mahal indeed, but Taj have more domes I think. What I want to visit in Malaysia is their Petronas Twin Tower.

  7. I've been to Malaysia but never to Putrajaya. Will put this in my travel list.

  8. Nice photo. Putrajaya is just a photographers haven. I also like the view of the suspension bridge from Putra Jaya and also the temples in the area.

  9. Travel photos like this can be so much inspiring ,making you want to book your travel plans right now.

  10. Hope I can visit this place someday. Probably, this is one of many reasons of why Malaysia is truly Asia.

  11. Great shot of that building. The architecture of that building is influenced by Islam it is obviously seen. I hope I can visit this place when I go to Malaysia in a few days.
    -Wanderer Juan

  12. Putrajaya is a must-visit place when in Malaysia! Each of the buildings in this federal territory is inspired by the architecture of a different country. =)

  13. It really looks like a Mosque to me until i read the description… 🙂

    Beautiful architecture…

  14. Almost been goof here. Akala ko mosque nga. A must-see place in Malaysia.

  15. Thanks for sharing this because for all I know that kind of design are all mosque 🙂

  16. algene may cutamora says: Reply

    You have a beautiful photo! Galing naman ng pag-capture 🙂 I love seeing photos of Mosque..

  17. The mosque is the most religious place for the Muslim. It is, I believed, most respected edifice of worship for them. I am long to it personally.

  18. Ang grande naman nito. effortless lang mag-photoshoot because this landmark is so physically beautiful by all means 🙂

  19. Indeed, we just visited them again last Monday with PTB member. Ganda talaga!

  20. Wow the minaret looks like a very erect bosom. Mmm shiny boob 😛

  21. ROFL! Your're such a Nitrous Oxide Lauren!

  22. More beautiful when you take a closer look 🙂

  23. Thanks Algene, I still have a lot of raw photos though. hehe

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