Bangkok Trip: Journey with Bus 29

11:05 12/10/2013 When euphoria wears off after exiting the arrival hall of Don Mueang International Airport. It was replaced by semi panic mode  which recalled our early dilemma. Where to find that public buses. It may be sound easy but if  you’re in a country where English is not widely spoken then it would be acceptable as a challenge. We roam around, trying to get much information that would brought us to public bus stop. And by doing it we must exposed ourselves to the hordes of touts which eventually made us more puzzled. Most of the people we approached, pointed us to the comfortable air conditioned buses, which not the one we’re looking. Desperation kicks in and would have taken that transport. Not until we bump to a lady that showed and lead us to public buses.

As instructed by that friendly Thai lady, we head to door 2 and exit with confidence, trying to conceal our dubiety. Walking along with locals made us feel the sense of belongingness. We felt loosen a bit when we saw that local Thais doesn’t look much difference to us Filipinos. So we easily blend in to the crowd. 

We asked a couple of stand by commuters if we’re in the right bus stop by mentioning Bus 29. All of them happily responded to our query. By that we concluded Thais in general are helpful and friendly. We feel at ease the moment we saw that tri-colored cranky looking bus with a siren light on it’s top.

No mistake, the number 29 says it all and an English translation of word Hua Lamphong. We hastily get into the bus and secured a back row seat. It’s advantageous taking this space as we could see all the people hopping in and out. And we can also observe how locals behave inside the bus  just rolling our eyes sans turning our neck.

It’s not comfortable as compared to the usual air conditioned buses plying from DMK to city center Bangkok. But it’s good enough for a short trip. Bangkok Bus Line 29 started it’s journey from Zeer Rangsit, passes to Don Mueang International Airport,  Chatuchak Park, Victory Monument then last to Hua Lamphong Railway station. For a complete list of Bus 29 route click here.

After few minutes when all the passengers settled, a Thai lady that dressed like a 1st officer pilot came in and started to collect the fare. First thing that we noticed was her pretty face that looks like a celebrity portraying to be bus fare collector. Thus, this maybe the reason why we saw more local Men riding the public buses. Our eyes were glued into here, then silence broke when she approached us. She asked in Thai where were heading. We respond Hua Lamphong and she returned a warm smile and friendly tone of Khob Kun! She gave two tickets and we paid her 13 Baht. No Kidding, bus fare from DMK to Hua Lamphong only cost us 6.50 Baht each. Damn cheap!

When our bus trapped from the notorious Bangkok traffic, our attention diverted to the sidewalks. The  vendors and overpass pedestrian reminds us  of same scene in Baclaran in Manila, Philippines. 

Bangkok and Manila have so much in common except to this Thai ornate designed bus stops. Which looks more of a house rather than a bus stop.

Thai students waiting for their bus

Auntie was covering her nose from smoke belched from the buses

Taking the public bus 29 not only save our bucks but at the same time gave us the opportunity to peek the daily life of locals in Bangkok. Students who just went off from the class, street food vendors happily serving their patrons, and commuters who waited patiently of their respective buses.

Our eyes feasted from the side walk vendors that sells yummy looking food. We almost come to a point to disembark and pursue our street food cravings. But the traffic and humid weather forbid us to step out.

We heard from someone, that we’re passing,  the Victory monument, so we took a quick snap.  Errr failed! Too bad, we’re unable to capture the whole thing as the bus ran too fast. It’s more of a military monument that symbolizes victory of Thai over French colonizers. 

New friend Nat with Summer

We knew that bus 29 will halt at Hua Lamphong Railway Station. But want to know how soon it would be as we’re too excited. We asked a student looking guy  behind our seat. He said, that we’re almost near to our destination, estimated time of ten minutes. After exchanging pleasantries he introduce himself, Nat. He’s Mechanical Engineering graduating student in one of Universities in Bangkok. He was so friendly and kind enough to answer all our questions pertaining to Thai culture, religion and food. He became our instant tour guide and joined us meandering Bangkok’s Chinatown, in which we’ll be sharing on the succeeding post.

The conversation was interrupted when the bus driver stopped in front of Hua Lamphong Railway  Station.  Our 40 minutes journey with bus 29 had just concluded. We saved some bahts, peek a daily life of locals, enjoy the rush and traffic of Bangkok and best of all gain a friend from this  half an hour journey. Taking off that tourist helm paid off and let us discover Bangkok more intimate in our own pace.

If you come to visit Bangkok through Don Mueang International Airport (DMK). The Bus 29 can be found by exiting Gate (Door) 2 then turn right then walk about 100 meters. By then you must see Bus Stop. Enjoy the ride!

Note: Fare quoted in this Trip is based from the time this entry is created 30/11/2013. So it will change without prior notice.

Public Bus Commuters,

Sky and Summer

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39 Replies to “Bangkok Trip: Journey with Bus 29”

  1. Aldous Calubad says: Reply

    What an awesome looking conductor. I wish they have conductors like that here =p

  2. Laarnie Deguzman says: Reply

    Places are much the same with Philippines , looking forward to visit Bangkok . Thanks for sharing .

  3. Traveling in Bangkok via bus, I think, is no difference here in the country Philippines. As I have seen it in your picture, there is a lady conductor issuing a ticket. Isn't it? Aside the from the location, is there a difference as far as bus transportation is being talked about?

  4. I couldn't agree more. 🙂 with that tight conductor uniform. Hahaha

  5. Bangkok and Manila are pretty much the same except for the people. 🙂

  6. Yamito Uytingco Calamba says: Reply

    The main road looks like EDSA but "lesser" dirt and clutter. 🙂 I'd love to visit Thailand soon, i love the beach and the people… Songkran!!! 🙂

  7. Hala uy, nalingaw ko sa ilang bus stops! And also, judging from the photos, the road looks a lot like EDSA sans the trash. And what? 13 Baht lang ang pamasahe tas sa inyong duha nana? AMAZING. So mura jud! Makes me want to visit Bangkok soon!

  8. True, same with EDSA, runabout in victory monument resembles like of qc circle. We just visited the pristine beaches of Krabi few days back. We'll post it soon.

  9. Mulang, mura EDSA, naa pod moment naa me sa Dacudao, kay puro punuan unya creek ang in between. Lingaw nga byahe sa bus. 13baht ra gyud samo duha, shock gani me, pag tan aw namo sa ticket 6.50baht ra gyud kada usa.

  10. Amazing travel that you've experienced other places like Bangkok. You enjoyed being a tourist and very detailed in observing people.

  11. Rochkirstin Santos says: Reply

    It's okay to be a tourist in Thailand and pretend to be one of the locals because we are the Asians that look almost alike – similar to Malays as well.

  12. Too bad, I never tried a bus when I was in Bangkok. I find the taxi drivers polite and honest – so I opted taking cabs.

  13. By looking at the bus, the road, the buildings and the people I thought this was Manila. I only realized that it wasn't when I saw the sign boards with thai language.. I wish I could visit Bangkok soon. 🙂

  14. Agree, they are polite and honest. We took a cab from Chatuchak Market to DMK, he make sure we're comfortable as we're leaving BKK. Thus leave us a good impression of their cabbies.

  15. Thanks, we're good in observing people 🙂

  16. Yeah, effortless for us Filipinos. But wondering if we can replicate same in other countries

  17. Thanks to bus #29 you really have a good trip there. Thai looks like Philippines. Some Thais or rather most of them look like Filipinos as well.

  18. TheSoulExplorer says: Reply

    Super mura ng pamasahe ah! It looks like philippines, hehehe. Lalo na yong vendors sa may over pass. Looking forward of your journey in Thailand.

  19. If they will not speak Thai, we would have conclude they're Pinoys.

  20. Yeah visit Bangkok, so you can compare Manila 🙂

  21. Napamura kami sa mura ng pamasahe nila. We enjoyed taking public buses at inulit namin to sa HCM at Krabi.

  22. Eh, kung ganyan ba kaganda ang bus conductor then, baka hindi na ako bumaba ng bus. Great Thai experience you have here. Thailand is on tip of my travel list.

  23. Jonas Labagala says: Reply

    It does look like Manila but cleaner and the roads looked so much better (wala tong gaburot nga aspalto). Gusto na nako mubisita hinuon..

  24. I also enjoy using public transport whenever I travel, there was a time when I got lost and there were nice locals who helped me get back on track.
    -Wanderer Juan

  25. It's really challenging to ride a bus in a foreign territory like Bangkok but it helps that the bus goes on a number system and just follow their usual stops.

  26. Caroleen Ileto says: Reply

    the people!!! they look really inetersteting. they look like filipinos, so sweet! riding a bus and taking photos of just about anything makes this trip more interesting!

  27. says: Reply

    Filipinos are commonly mistaken to be Thais talaga. 🙂

  28. Naay part sa Bangkok nga murag naa sa Dacudao, kato daghan gimilena na punuan, Sayang wala nako na picturan. hihi

  29. Agree Frank! Bangkok being a tourist friendly country had filled the Gap of Language barrier.

  30. Thanks Caroleen, We never thought that riding public bus in foreign country will be fun.

  31. Napagkamalan ka ba ng Malay/ Thai nung nag Penang Ka?

  32. says: Reply

    ilang beses! haha. kahit sabihin ko na pinoy ako kinakausap pa rin ako ng thai 🙂

  33. ApplePie Vergara says: Reply

    hi sky summer. I'll be taking KL – JB Larkin – Kranji SG route . I'm planning to book a bus ticket for 7pm departure time from KL but I just wanna make sure that this is okay . I'm assuming that since there's a trip like that, the border to SG and MRT (for Kranji and all others) are open 24hrs? Thanks 🙂

  34. Hi Apple,

    Yes, both borders are open 24/7 but be mindful that bus services of sbs 170 will only be until 12:30AM from Larkin. MRT services from I remember will only be until 11pm. Hope this helps

  35. Apple Pie Vergara says: Reply

    So if I'll take 7pm bus from kl to larkin , do you think that I can still take a bus to kranji ? thanks

  36. Jeffrey Rilles says: Reply

    Yun! We're going to Malaysis this coming April – very helpful

  37. Thanks Sir Jeff! Enjoy Malaysia!

  38. Hi Sir,

    i need on your blog post site Do you have more site please send me site list with price.

    let me on your reply.


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