Air Asia Big Loyalty and Big Card

Every time we book flights from Air Asia we always saw “Please enter Big Shot ID”. We don’t have any idea and it’s purpose. Until we  come to know it’s importance when Air Asia launch a big sale last February 24 that gives a priority to Big Shot Members. Without hesitation, we registered to Big Shot link here, with a  thought of booking with exclusivity prior to the actual Big Sale. We’ve got astounded from what we discovered. Zero Points redemption for Big Shot members. What does it mean? Simple, you can redeem flights even though you have a zero points. Does it sounds great?

It was totally of a surprise, so we try mock booking but the dates we’d selected had zero points and almost book them until we saw Airport Taxes. Of course that is expected. But we didn’t proceed since we don’t want to use our real money when there is a hefty credit amount from Air Asia ready to use. Note: Credit Balance can’t be used when you  proceed to payments in redeeming flights for Big Points.

Air Asia Big Loyalty

Aside from exclusive redemption and opportunity to book with zero points ( Airport Tax is applicable). You earned points for every Ringgit you spend on Air Asia flight. Take a look an example above. And when you include some Add-On service, the Big Points structure is greater. 

But these points will only be awarded upon departure date for 
– Check in and flown
– Check in Only
– No Show

If you have upcoming flights (referring to Current Booking) from Air Asia manage booking page. You can still associate your Big Shot ID to earn Big Points. These points can be used to redeem free flights and hotel accommodations. ultimately rewarding right for jet setters!

Big Card

Aside from signing up for Big, we also availed the Big Card. It’s global loyalty card that can earn double points when using the VISA prepaid payment card. Currently this is only available for those who have a valid Malaysian address. Note: They require documents to proof of residence in Malaysia as verification.

One of the advantage in getting this card is when you use it as mode of payment for booking flights at,  the processing fee is waive. See comparison below.

As communicated, it will take 14 Days to receive the card after submitting the verification documents. But earlier today we just receive a red envelope containing our personalize  Big Card VISA. Cool!  The red plastic with a built-in micro chip that looks more of a credit / debit card than a boring reward card.

Aside from it’s rewards function, this card can be loaded with cash through reloading channels and can used like a normal debit card for online purchase. Can also use for ATM withdrawal at any Visa enabled ATM, worldwide but subject to applicable fees. It can be also used to fund Paypal and vice versa. But Paypal will impose a charge per transaction, for Paypal to Big transfer.

Having affiliated with VISA network, the Big Card can be used to global and local merchants as long as their VISA logo. 

Currently the maximum purse limit that can be top up is 4999.99 ringgit. But still it’s more than enough if using it as backup when travelling overseas. 

We’ll utilize it’s prepaid or debit card function on our upcoming Indonesian trip and will share our experience using it.

Get yout Big Card now!

This is not a sponsored post but our way of appreciation to Big and Air Asia’s loyalty program. 
Some pictures use on this post are screenshots from tune2big,com 

Big Shot Fan,

Sky and Summer

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  1. Airlines companies really offer promotions for their clients to sustain its loyalty. And Big Card is a value-added extra privilege that could help them one way or the other.

  2. Big visa prepaid sounds interesting. bet q mag apply. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. hhmm… looks so interesting. So the visa is just like your regular debit card right? Is this currently available in PH?

  4. Kuha ka Riz sayang points mo for upcoming flights. Tapos me exclusivity pa for booking ahead when a big sale comes. haha. Advantage satin to ksi andito tayo sa Malaysia. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Just like a regular Debit Card but has global reward function. Can be used in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.
    Currently is not avaiulable yet in Philippines.,only in Malaysia

  6. True, that's make us more loyal to Air Asia. aside from giving us free tickets.

  7. I'm a fan of loyalty perks in cards. This is a nice tie up for Air Asia as it rewards members with points for their spending and can be converted to big rewards in the future.

  8. wow i want that Air Asia card for myself.. Will look at their website and will check it out

  9. good deal na yan 15k for two ah. Yup 1 week cover minua phuket+krabi. Wow. been dreaming of that places in Vietnam. hehe

  10. baka gusto nyo sumama?apr 3-7. haha

  11. Same date din byahe namin for Indonesia April 3-6 ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. haha un lang. Jogja or Bali?

  13. Solo-Jogja ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Nice, it's on my list baka next year pa. Enjoy guys!:D

  15. Thanks! Kaw rin enjoy Vietnam.

  16. I want my own Big Visa Loyalty card!!I hope they also launch it here in the Philippines.

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    Thank you nice article.

    your next tripโ€ฆPhuket is the best choice for you!!

    I love here Surin Beach Hotel This hotel is very nice clean and the people are friendly. VERY nice hotel with helpful staff.

    And I really love white sand, crystal clear waters at Surin Beach too.

    Thank again.

  18. hey, may I know where you get your tour?

  19. Hi Kahyee,
    we got it from K.L. House and Tours. in Ao Nang from where we stayed.

  20. May I know how much for a tour? ThankQ. =)

  21. We took Speedboat for Kho Phi Phi, its 1200THB each and took Longtail boat in Hong Island 800THB each. Both comes with free lunch and whole day tour.

  22. Hi! Firstly thanks for sharing ur experience. Indeed informative. Btw, looking thru ur itinerary, u were provided buffet lunch at Hong Island? in ur opinion, which is better n more scenic, phi2 Island or Hong Island?

  23. Yes, buffet the tours provided them. We love Hong Island. Phi phi is overrated and crowded.

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