Krabi Trip: An Overview

05:50 23/11/2013  For the third time we’d bargained our baby slumber for an early flight  with Air Asia. Now, it has been  customary for us to hail a cab on the wee hours going  to KL Sentral. While catching forty winks during a bus travel to LCCT. Yes, it was slightly inconvenient  but  far better than camping and snatching a doze  on the cold airport floor. Being used with this routine had lead us some advantage. Like arriving at the airport on a desired time enough to run some pre-departure necessities like document verification( applicable for no luggage, international flight) and grabbing some goodies for breakfast


Just breaking daylight, the glossy Airbus 320 was all ready to bring passengers on board for their ultimate beach get away. AK 1966 left Sepang, Selangor 7:15 AM sharp took us to Krabi and landed 15 minutes after. Taking flight for only 15 minutes? Eh? We forgot to mention that Krabi  lags behind an hour with Malaysia. So technically the travel time is an hour and fifteen minutes to be exact.

Ten minutes before landing the visibility suddenly change from semi cleared to foggy. A sign of impending rain and just  we landed at Krabi International Airport (KBV), a heavy downpour welcomed us. What a day to start this ultimate beach get away. 

After clearing Immigration, we immediately scout for Money Changers to buy some Bahts. But unfortunately all of them were closed and will only open 10AM onwards. Awkward right? An international airport with no 24/7 money changer, Sigh! Can’t complain, our lack of research leads us cashless (Bahts we mean) Thank goodness the bus counter  accepted our crisp Ringgit upon purchasing bus tickets to Ao Nang. Though the rate was bit lower but still good than nothing.

UL to clockwise Ao Nang Strip, Limestone Karst, Ao Nang Beach, Ao Nang Road

Ao Nang district is 26 KM away from the airport and taking the public bus takes 45 minutes or so. But  It took us more than an hour to reach it. The winding road going to Ao Nang and unfavorable weather cause much of the delay. We ain’t complain as safety is much priority rather than going their in pieces, lol.

Our Temporary Abode

We come to know this place from Niza (travel NizaZainal) who her budget plus convenience choice  was also same reason why we opted KL House as our temporary abode. It’s located along Ao Nang road close to convenience stores, restaurants, massage spa, diving shop and even a clinic. We’ll share our great experience and how to save 300 baht from tour hopping on on a separate post.

Where did we go in Krabi?

UL to clockwise  Bamboo Island, Maya Bay, Paradise Island and Hong Island

Of course the main reason why people flock to Krabi is because of it’s world renowned white sand powdery beaches with  astounding limestone karst as it’s background. It’s imperative to book  island hopping packages as DIY will be much more expensive unless you go there in a big group. 
Our first day in Krabi was spent bumming in a not swimming friendly (big waves due to bad weather) Ao Nang beach. We visited Bamboo Island -Phi Phi Island (Maya Bay, shooting location of The Beach) -Viking Cave- on the second day and Paradise island- Hong Lagoon-Hong Island on the third day. These island hopping escapade deserves a separate post.

What we did in Krabi?

UL to clockwise Beach bumming at Ao Nang Beach, Jumpshot at Bamboo Island, Star fish kissing at Hong Lagoon, Snorkeling Hin Klang


Since the weather didn’t cooperate on the first day, we just enjoyed lying on our new lagu beach blanket while listening to the big waves pounding the shore. With a n alluring background of Krabi, we find ourselves repetitively levitating in the air for that awesome jump shot. Our tour guide click the shutter at the right time, accidentally captures that “Perfect shot”.

Snorkeling is one of water activities that shouldn’t be missed when having a island tour hopping in Krabi. With it’s rich marine bio diversity,  Sky was lured and jump to Andaman Sea even though he didn’t know how to swim. But don’t worry he wore a life jacket. Teehee and did his first snorkeling experience and had an intimate moments with sea creatures. 


Aside from beach activities, we found our selves chasing golden Sunsets twice on separate occasion at Ao Nang beach. With long tail boats turning as silhouette just made it more even scenic and err.. romantic. With some bahts to burn we shop and bargain at Ao Nang market stalls. Buying fancy stuffs and travel mementos. After getting tired from shopping we’d an authentic Thai Massage to one of hanky panky massage parlor.

Birthday Boy sipping  that famous Thai bucket.

And we didn’t pass the opportunity to sip the infamous Thai bucket. Remember the hangover in Bangkok? Hahaha. A concoction to choose  your own (we had local whiskey, sprite, red bull etc  forgot other mix). Apparently this booze didn’t knock us off, as we filled loads of ice to keep us from ordering another one. 

Upper L-R Thai Grilled Chicken, Khao with Fried Veggies, Thai Green Curry
Middle L-R Tom Yum, Seasoned Fried Chicken, Fried flat noodles
Bottom L-R Thai Chicken Skewer, Pad Thai, Fried Spring rolls

Leaving Krabi without tasting it’s mouthwatering local cuisine wouldn’t be complete. The array of choices available at Ao Nang will surely delight it’s tourist. But our taste buds were longing for Authentic Thai  food. We end up emptying two bowls of Tom Yum, three plates for Pad Thai, huge bowl of Thai Green Curry, Grilled and fried chicken, Spring rolls, and Banana rotis. Hey we didn’t consume it at one shot, ok? Admittedly we gain 4 lbs each after this Krabi trip, if you ask if we regret, Hell NO! Their food is to die for! 

Aside from accumulating weight that’s really obvious from photos above. We added new friends to our travel roster. Tyler whom we casually chitchat during flight from KL to Krabi. That quirky bracelet vendor Pin, who convinced us to buy personalized bracelets. Jaija, only local tourist that joined in our Hong island hopping tour who became our friend. To the folks of Roots Rock Reggae who made Sky special Day more memorable, greeting him HBD with a live band.  Awesome! Last but not the least Tar (owner) and Nam (female receptionist)who gave us great recommendations and where to information that greatly helps our trip in Krabi. Not to mention made our stay pleasant, fun, economical and memorable.

We missed  the 4 island trip, Elephant trekking and swimming at Emerald lagoon, which are enough reason to come back for Krabi.

Reā phlād khuṇ Krabi!

City Wanderers,

Sky and Summer

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  1. Nick Revillosa says: Reply

    namimiss ko na talaga ang thai food

  2. Kami rin, tara lakwatsa sa Thailand!

  3. Rochkirstin Santos says: Reply

    Meeting new friends during travel is always good. You get to share cultures and communicate to learn from one another.

  4. It looked like Krabi has that rich tourism quality that they were able to preserve.

  5. Reading this post makes me want to have a summer vacation right now! :))

  6. nabuagermeline says: Reply

    i envy how both of you can just fly anytime and anywhere

  7. kaloka yung thai massage ba yan? i am too scared to do this but people who gave me oil message gives me a finishing touch of thai as well haha kmusta nmn yung saigon teh hehe

  8. Everything seems so fun and awesome especially the food, scenic views, the beach, etc..What a lovely moment for everybody!

  9. Accumulating weight just means that you enjoyed your vacation in Krabi.

  10. The beach and the food on this blog inspire me to visit this place.

  11. wow!!!seems like you enjoyed your trip and you made new friends at that.

  12. Whatever the inconvenience you may encounter in your trip to nowhere seems you are used to it and you know how to handle it.

  13. Entirely true! that's we always make a point to meet at least one local on that place . 🙂

  14. Yes indeed! Tourism is their bread and butter that's why Thai's are very good in it.

  15. Gora na! Wag kalimutan ang sunblock at shades!

  16. We just know to get best deals and play around with our budget. 🙂

  17. Halos hindi ako makatayo after ng massage. But I felt good and rejuvenited ilang hours. Ang saya lang. Saigon kamusta ang backlogs. haha.

  18. You said it all , can't say more!

  19. Amen, and we'll happy to it again and again.

  20. Thanks Alaine! you'll surely enjoy Krabi!

  21. We really did, and till now we still have a vacation hangover.

  22. We're learning from experience.

  23. My family and I have been to Krabi twice. I noticed that you have no pictures of Phranang Cave. You would have the biggest surprise of your life ^_^.

  24. Hi Michelle, I know what you mean Hahahaha. Our first day should have been 4island trip icluding Railay and Phranang cave but unfortunately the weather was unmerciful.

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