Solo Trip: An Overview

08:30 03/04/2014 After a long hiatus we’re back on the early flight routine. Yey!  A continuum of our SEA weekend escaped, just like what we did in Saigon and Bangkok. Moreover this trip was a replacement  after AirAsia broke our heart of not sending us to Maldives. Though we missed a shot of parading our beer bellies on the known luxurious beach paradise of Indian Ocean. We’re still thankful that AA give us back the credits to book for another flight tickets which allows us to explore more of Southeast Asia.  

For the first time we fly below the equator, conquering the lower hemisphere. But not yet to far to down south under or Kiwi land. We fly over to an island with no less than 121 active volcanoes and labeled as  the most populous island in the whole world. Our itchy  feet drag us to Surakarta of  Central Java in  Indonesia.

Mt. Merapi and Mt. Merbabu

Volcanoes one after another greeted us to Indonesia up in the sky. A faint smog expelled from  Mt. Merapi (the most active Volcano on the island) gave us that little threat but weren’t thwarted. It’s of the spectacular view and probably the warmest  welcome we ever had.

We reckon it’s about five or six  Volcanoes wave us before our plane descended  and touch down to Adi Soemarmo Airport. No where in the world you’ll saw them close to each other  talking from bird’s eye view.

After that great introduction and pleasant welcome from Indonesian Immigration. We look around  searching for a local tourism booth. After getting an instruction on how to take the public commute to Bandar (City) from the friendly tourism staff of Solo. We fled and hastily embark to the blue mini buses bound to city proper of Surakarta.

Navigating the main road of Jalan Slamet Riyadi, Surakarta reminded us of different cities in Southeast Asia. One instance gazing on a cycle rickshaw pedaled by old man wearing a conical hat and endless wave of motorcycles on the road would mostly be associated a scene in Ho Chi Minh. While the flow of traffic was a bit similar to Bangkok and it’s green landscape to Malaysia.

Our Temporary Abode

The city of Surakarta or Solo is on par  to it’s burgeoning sister cities Yogyakarta and Jakarta. So looking for a decent accommodation will not be of a burden in Solo. With  great deals of Agoda we’re able to secure a great bargain and paid half of it’s price. We’ll share our review on this hotel on a separate post.

Where did we go in Solo? 

Surakarta (Solo) is labeled as the City of Batik. So visiting a Batik Store, a Museum, Factory is a must. All of them can be found on one spot, that is Danar Hadi just located along the main road of Jalan Slamet Riyadi.

The compound in Danar Hadi houses a restaurant, elegant Batik Store, a highly informative Batik Museum and factory where we witness how a Batik was made from scratch. Again we’ll share our more detailed experience of Danar Hadi on another post.

Danar Hadi Batik Museum and Factory

Aside from Batik, the craft, culture and religious diversity of Solo was still in tact. At one point we’re looking to an image of Hindu deities carved on a stone with intricate details and no mistake finish with an  Indonesian touch. We haven’t seen that kind in Malaysia.

The whimsical vibe of Solo captures our fascination when talking about old cities. Being the cultural heartland of Java it hosts to the sophisticated Javanese art and culture. It has it’s own charm that is waiting to be unraveled. 

We haven’t explore much of Solo cuisine as we’re more leaning to established restaurants than feasting on Waroengs. But still it didn’t failed to impress our palate.  Es Sari Bundo and food at Es Teler was heavenly comforting.

Indonesians were so warm and friendly. Again we’d earn some new friends on this trip. We’re so grateful to the attentive and accommodating Tune Hotel staffs. They made sure our stay in Solo worth remembering and comfortable. We’re so delighted to have Ghea as our  tour guide in Danar Hadi Museum. She’s not only knowledgeable but she have that passion when talking about Batik.

We’re bit regretful of not extending our stay in Solo. We could have explore more of  it’s  unique rich history and culture. But, this save us for the next visit. 

City Wanderers,

Sky and Summer

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  1. Indonesia specially Bali is on my travel list. Seems you've got a very nice experience there.

  2. Bali will be our next destination in Indonesia 🙂

  3. Aldous Calubad says: Reply

    wow I would love to try all those food as i have yet to try solo cuisine

  4. I also went to Solo when I was in Indonesia last year. Aside from the batik museum I also went to the temples outside of the city.
    -Wanderer Juan

  5. Janine Daquio says: Reply

    Weee.. I wish I could go there in Solo not being solo. hehehe. Goodluck for Bali. I want to go there too. 🙂

  6. You really go deep in your travels, not just into mainstream cities. The place looks really great.

  7. As always, I liked the food coming from your blog…coming from different place and establishments.

  8. algene may cutamora says: Reply

    That's another great trip 🙂 And I agree with you that Indonesians are really friendly!

  9. I envy the two of you! I have never been to Indonesia and hopefully someday I get to go. Did you buy some Batik with you? That's something I would love to get. Looks like you had a great time!

    – Karen

  10. I love your life! Traveling is one of life's greatest pleasures. You're so lucky. Good of AA to replace the lost flight.

  11. Jayce Cairo says: Reply

    Another side of Indonesia that I must see! I wish I could travel as frequently as you do!

  12. The perks of living in KL, home of Air Asia 🙂

  13. High Five! Thanks Algene

  14. You can Aldous! We even heard they have a royal cuisine, something to be explored in Solo.

  15. Rochkirstin Santos says: Reply

    How many days do you think is appropriate in visiting this part of Indonesia?

  16. Ideal would be 3 days.

  17. We can't agree more. We found love in travel. 🙂

  18. We love to discover something not known to public. This give us a a kind of high. In time Solo will be another Bali.

  19. Who knows you'll find your special someone there and you go no longer solo.

  20. We havent explored the temples as we have only a day to tour Solo. This will be another reason to comeback. Your Jogja trip was of a big help in our Indonesian trip.

  21. Thanks Fernando.

  22. Belancong (batik headgear for guys) and receive a batik present from Danar Hadi. 🙂

    You'll surely enjoy Indonesia.

  23. indonesians are like pinoys too they are indeed very friendly. Haven't been to this place but reading this makes me wanna go soon. but first… let me go around malaysia haha

  24. Kenneth Manaloto says: Reply

    That shot of those mountains is really breath taking and the museum and the factory photo is also my favorite. Over all I see you had a nice trip there I hope next time we can take photos together.

  25. Yamito Uytingco Calamba says: Reply

    Yes, and word is AirAsia is taking flights to their next level to be able to catch up with the competing airline companies. But anyway, the place looks like Pinas lang and not bad for the Tune Hotels ha. 🙂

  26. Love all the pictures! I wanna go to this place

  27. Thanks Kenneth! Looking at them up above was a sight to behold. Sometimes we run out of superlatives to express it

  28. Thanks rubbieanne. Sure you can go, as we have MNL to Jakarta then train to Solo. route

  29. As expected from the award winning low cost carrier in the world. At some point we say we're still lucky to be Filipinos, if you had visited Indonesia, you'll catch the drift.

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