Travel Snaps: Queen Sirikit Park Bangkok Thailand

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Queen Sirikit Park is one of the beautifully manicured botanical garden named after the Queen of Thailand. The park is dotted with trees and different kinds of flowers. The fountain and pool area are usually swarmed by dule. 

It’s located in Chatuchak district near to famous Chatuchak Weekend market. It can be easily reached by train through Mo Chit or Chautchak Park station. The park had no entrance fee.

Tip: Best time to take a good photo and avoiding too much crowd of this place would be early morning. 

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  1. I've been scammed myself in Bangkok a few years back. Same style of duping unsuspecting tourists. To top if off, it happened during my second year working in Thailand. Yes, been here quite long. These people are so convincing you wouldn't know they are lying. It's difficult to identify the scammers knowing most Thais are really nice by nature.

  2. I really feel bad about your experience. I've been here for 8 years now, things are pretty good. The way you handled the situation was just appropriate. Had you shown aggressive behavior upon knowing you were scammed, things would have turned nasty. Thais are polite by nature, but if you make them "lose face" they can do nasty things slyly.

  3. Not good experience but I am glad that you feel that was a SCAM and you pretend to in "PATAY MALISYA". This is alarming, we should remind others about what is going on in this place.

  4. This bad experience didn't tainted our love for Thailand. We've been in Thailand on 4 different places and occasion. What's you favorite Thai food?

  5. If we just read ahead of time, and heed the warnings we wouldn't experience at all. But no regrets.

  6. Agree, Thais are really nice, and had meet bunch of them.

  7. ugh, what a shame to that tuk tuk driver. They're trying to make the benefits out of innocent tourists. But the temples you visited are great anyway. Minus the jewelry stores stop, that could have been a very interesting journey.

  8. Another way of discovering other things besides the good experience in traveling. Actually, I think, every traveler had a bad experienced before. Even here in the Philippines, there are numerous bad people doing that too.

  9. Oh I love Thai food. I especially like Som Tum, Pad Pak Ruam Med, Kwaitiyaw, and khao phat.

  10. From temple raiders to Jewelry raiders. That's a bad scam and would really waste a lot of your time.

  11. Sorry to hear about this scam. It happened to us too. We flagged a Tuktuk to bring us from the mall to our hotel. He decided to bring us to a jewelry store. I refused to go down. Patigasan kame until he decided to bring us to the hotel. The good thing now is you can make noise via your blog and social media because clearly this is a scam that needs to be addressed.

  12. Travel blogs like yours could really help future tourists from these scams. It's worth doing your research before visiting a certain place.

  13. algene may cutamora says: Reply

    One of my friends who recently visited the place shared his story of how he was scammed there 🙁 I guess tourists should really be more mindful of everything they do especially that they are not familiar with the place. Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience above. May it serve as a warning to future visitors..

  14. Scams happened on an unexpected circumstance, that's why we're sharing this to let the public know.

  15. Least we expect, I like Jewelry raiders sounds Thievery. lol

  16. We learned a lot from this ordeal and thanks for reminding. Research .. research and more research.

  17. It really depends on how you react and handle the situation. We knew if just let our emotion manifest that time, pretty sure we'll go back to our hotel, lock up and beaten.

  18. The temples are pampalubag ng loob. lol

  19. Interesting, we'll put them on our list. Thanks 🙂

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