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Avenue K Mall held their first AK Food Adventure last 29th of November 2014. It’s Food marathon activity where 50 bloggers are invited to visit/dine 20 restaurants at the mall. The event starts at 10AM where everyone receives a passport and  travel pass with the list of restaurants to visit. Every stop and dine get a stamp on their passport. Attendees were expected to visit at least 10 restaurants within 12 hours time to eat and savor the good food available at Avenue K. Let the Food Adventure begin!

We started our food journey at Wondermama X, where we devoured Nasi Lemak, Mee Siam, Mee Laksa and refreshed with their famous triple layered Pandan and Bandung. Second stop is Marutama Ramen to sample their best seller Ajitsuke Tamago Ramen. One of the best ramen we’d tasted so far. To mellow down our eating marathon, we sip a good latte at Espressolab. A freshly brewed coffee served by skilled barista paired with mouth watering cakes. Whoa! At least we’d spent an hour relishing, talking about our experience on the last restaurants we visited.

20 Restaurants participated the AK Food Adventure (Highlighted are the restaurants we visited)

1)      Tokyo Pastry
2)      Warisan Kafe
3)      Samba
4)      Noodle Shack
5)      Simply D
6)      WonderKafe & Bar
7)     Wondermama X
8)      Delifrance
9)      Sushi Box
10)   Ah Cheng Laksa
11)   Upbeat
12)   Krispy Kreme
13)   Ayers Rock Butcher & Grill
14)   Maison Dlights Chocolatier
15)   Espressolab
16)   Presto Bakery & Cafe
17)   Marutama Ramen (Non Halal)
18)   Fat Boy’s Burger Bar  (Non Halal)
19)   Tsukemen Izakaya (Non Halal)
20)   Johnny Rockets

Next on our list was Samba. The Brazilian steakhouse that specializes Churrascaria,  a Brazilian way of roasting meats. We’d savored different kinds of meat that came rounds and rounds to our table. We chow them down and finished with good selection of mocktails. We felt heavy and our stomach were on stretch. Whoa! Our experience in Samba deserves a long and detailed post.

Photo Credits to MJ of http://www.tauyanm.com/
After that full stomach filling session at Samba. We choose a healthier option to slow down our happy eating pleasure. We grab some Cold Pressed raw juices at Upbeat Health Bar. Green Lemonade and Drink Me Skinny are both refreshing and rejuvenating to drink. What a nice way to calm and ease our stomach.

We took a brief pause and attend the Avenue K Santa’s party at the lobby. The crowd was serenaded by known diva Joy Victor accompanied by pretty dancers “Santarinas”.  A separate post on AK Xmas presentation. 

Joy Victor with Santarinas

After fifteen minutes of setting the mall with Christmas atmosphere, we continued our food meandering. Delifrance was a good choice to hang out a bit after satiating our meat appetite. We tried their famous Croissants  either Tuna/ Chicken for fillings, Macaroons, Fruit Tarts, and freshly brewed coffee. 

We took a quick grub at Krispy Kreme, with their Christmas themed doughnuts.  Peck and nibble some sushi at Sushi Box. Nosh some freshly baked bread at Presto Bakery and Cafe. Sampled some handmade Belgian chocolates at Maison D’Lights Chocolatier. 

With jovial accommodation, we landed at Simply D and tried their set exclusive for the event. The Pad Thai, Caesar Salad paired either Chicken/ Mushroom Skewer + Ice Tea + Cakes and Ice cream to choose. We’d had our great dining experience at Simply D. Again it deserves a separate post.

Since we’d just finished at least eleven restaurants. We choose to dine at Tsukemen and Izakaya Ie Yasu. The famous Tsukemen was served on our table. It’s Noodle dish with Pork Slices, Seaweed, Bamboo Shoots, Eggs, ramen and different sauces to choose from. It’s flavorful and orgasmic. A detailed story of our dining experience here on succeeding entry.

On the last 30 minutes before ending our food journey, we made a last stop to Tokyo Pastry. A Neo-Classic themed pastry shop that serves Japanese sweets. Tiramisu and Cream Cheese Mango were superb and appetizing. 

Our 12 hours AK food Adventure concluded at Tokyo Pastry with 13 stamps on our passports before handed over to event organizer. It was a fun filled gastronomical adventure! 

Special thanks to Avenue K, Ashley (event organizer) and our friend MJ ( http://www.tauyanm.com/) for extending the invitation.

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AK Food Adventurer,

Sky and Summer

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