Bangkok Trip: Chatuchak Weekend Market

09:20 13/10/2013 Grandiose elaborate temples, mouth watering street foods, and shopping mecca of Southeast Asia. These are the labels which Bangkok are known for. Talking about shopping, there is one place on this metropolitan that everybody loves to visit, be it locals or tourist, the Chatuchak Weekend Market. This market  span on 35 acres of shopping space with more than 10000 booths. Because of its sheer size to cover, we dedicated our whole day to explore Chatuchak.

As the name implies, this market only opens every  Saturday and Sunday from 8AM till 6PM. We reach there past 9AM, still early and the crowd just started to pick up.

We  entered to the labyrinth of shops with thousand of bahts on hand ready to splurge. Honestly we don’t have any clue where to spend it. Whatever made us fancy will definitely buy it.


Fancy dresses, custom made suits, swim wears, wedding attire, costumes, everything you can think of were all there. The prices range from average, cheap to cheapest. 

We scored some nice authentic baseball caps for just 100 baht. Some are of nice quality but there are also knock offs mix with the original ones.


House decors

The choices of house ornaments are endless. People who love to collect something from their travel will surely love to visit Chatuchak. Different of images of Buddha, elephant figurines, locally made crafts and stuff for green-minded people(we’re not kidding).



There are numbers of stalls all inside that sells beautifully adorn lamps and dangling light decors. Unfortunately, we’re unable to buy some, as we got lost when we’re about to decide to get one.



A Market wouldn’t be complete without those food vendors that keeps everyone’s gut happy while shopping. Most of the favorite Thai food were there, just have to look for it.
In between the clothing stalls inside, there is one stall that sells the crispiest heavenly pork treat. It’s like deep fried liempo but much tastier due to its special spices embedded to its meat. The Pork slab is too big to munch so they cut it in bite cube pieces. It is best paired with their Thai Chili Sauce. Nom Nom Nom to the highest level.


Those red-orange cured meat is as tasty as you look at it. They’re grilled, seasoned with unique spices and serve in bite size. From Chicken thighs to Pork ribs and liver, oh la la. Gastronomic paradise it is.

Surprisingly there is one stall that sells the famous Spanish staple, the paella. The Spanish chef wielded with pairs of turner proudly stirring his masterpiece. He’d win the hearts of foodies. This dish is best paired with some nice Thai beer, Singha.

Coconut Ice Cream anyone? They carve out the young coconut meat from it’s shell blend with your coconut flavored ice cream with an option to add some sprinkles or chocolate syrup. Yummy!

The freshest you could ever get. You’ll find different choices of slice fruits ready to munch from the happy fruit vendors inside the market.


After some hours of roaming around Chatuchak, we noticed the crowd had gained in numbers until such time it causes foot traffic. We’d been mindful of our belongings as what locals advise us. There are some crooks hunting for unsuspecting victims.

We saw people of different races, status, lifestyle all converge here in Chatuchak. No matter who you are, all are fair and square here.

We ended our Chatuchak adventure with multiple shopping bags, happy stomach, and empty pockets. If you’ll gonna asked  if it’s worth a visit? big YES.
What’s your best experience in Chatuchak market?
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  1. Aleah | says: Reply

    When I lived in BKK for 4 months last year, it;s one of the places I always went to. Not for shopping per se, but for people watching and for the food. I love the shawarma there, beside the coffee/tea place with matching performance!

  2. Love to gaze random people as well, common trait for Filipinos.

    Talking about food, the choices there were endless.

  3. JONtotheworld says: Reply

    Been there last year and I enjoyed it a lot. Love the street food!

    And yes it's a good place for people watching, parang Khao San Road hehe

  4. We missed Khao San even though stone away lang yun sa hotel namin.

    Thanks for dropping by.

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