Krabi Trip: Hong Lagoon

12:10 25/11/2013 Cruising from Lading Island to our next destination took about ten minutes. Surprisingly, our butts were not even heated and yet another spectacle of nature waiting to be uncovered. The towering limestone cliff  partially filled with verdant hues served as the welcome ambassador of this hidden place. Longtail boats alternately sail in and out on a narrow entrance. Then our boatman breaks the silence,  “Welcome to Hong Lagoon”


People on the boat didn’t mind his exclaimed. Most of us were fixated on the magnificent limestone karst that divides the passageway and emerald pool where everyone talks about.


Our boat slowly navigating the shallow Hong Lagoon avoiding other long tail boats and tourist who went for kayaking. We felt like being transported on the other dimension. The 360 view was surreal.


The entire lagoon was surrounded by the same limestone cliffs from the entrance. Some part of the cliffs has thick foliage compare to the others. This greenery reflects at the water which attributed the color of the lagoon.

What to do in Hong Lagoon?
Kayaking was the suggested itinerary on this secluded place. Why not? water is shallow paired with an unlimited picturesque view of the verdant cliffs, heaven.

Exploring the lagoon by foot. Hmmm? Yes, it can be done when it’s low tide of course.

Our tour guide ushered us to jump from the boat and explored the lagoon. But isn’t that deep? One had asked. He jump without hesitation to show us, it’s just waist deep.

With his lead, we jump one by one and reminded us to walk carefully as we might  step on some random sharp objects beneath the murky water. The water was bit colder contrary to what we expect, warm. 
Get intimate with sea creatures
There’s a quite number of sea creatures on the lagoon. One resident here is the spiny starfish. For animal rights guardian out there, we don’t take him as a souvenir, ok? Taking photo was enough.

We return Patrick to the lagoon to reunite his sea creature buddies and best friend spongebob. Yipee!

We’d only given 30 minutes to explore Hong Lagoon and go back to our boat off for next destination. Sure it wasn’t enough to fully enjoy what Hong Lagoon offers, it’s worth a revisit.

A gang of limestone karst scattered miles apart wowed us upon our exit. What a captivating view to capped our mid-day excursion. Not yet done, our tour guide called out, “We save the best for last” and laughed. Let’s see what’s Ko Hong entailed us, it will be in the succeeding post.

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