Krabi Trip: Hong Island

12:30 25/11/2013 Our rendezvous in Hong Lagoon was cut short to pave way for our island hopping finale. The transfer from lagoon to Ko Hong didn’t take that long. Actually, it was unnoticeable. The sharp boulders wrapped by thick foliage gladly received our arrival. Too soon, our gaiety dwindled after an unfriendly tropical air impaled our semi-burnt skin which reminded us,  of being mortals. We ran off  to a nearby shade to chill, gasp for a cool breeze and wait till everybody to catch up before heading for a beach picnic.

Our boatman/tour guide brought us to the woods instead of on the shore for lunch. Our facial expression surely justifies why he made such a decision. He prepped the food with gusto while everyone was patiently waiting. In less than five minutes, three viands of food and rice were laid on the table ready to be devoured.


The food was so much better to compare to what we ate the buffet lunch at Koh Phi Phi Don. It surely appeased our grumbling stomach and our craving for Thai food. 

During the siesta, someone shrieks so loud. Everyone got that person’s attention and head straight to the scene. Most were astonished at what they saw. A menacing giant monitor lizard creeping from the wild. Maybe this poor lizard was distracted due to the flock of tourist rambling on the island. We’re not surprised since we’re accustomed to seeing it in the Philippines. It’s nothing much of a difference. But for westerners, they were all agape. 

We’d been given two hours or so for us to explore and experience Hong Island on our pace. Everyone disperse across the island and find their own refuge. We find a perfect spot under the sea almond tree and laid our sand repellent Lagu beach towel. 

On our right peripheral view, where an array of long tail boats donned with shocking neon ribbons anchored on the shoreline. They were all parked similar to a parking space but instead on the beach. All boats syn-chronically move forward each time a strong wave slams it. It creates a dynamic contrast of this scenic landscape.


The sharp limestone boulder-dotted with random foliage did a great job concealing the pretty shoreline. This makes the Hong Island as a perfect vista for nature lovers and awesome subject for the photography enthusiast.

Emerald water of Ko Hong attributed to the verdant hues up above the limestone karst. While powdery white sand adds up to its majestic splendor.This island surely deserves Sky’s star jump, appreciating it’s unparalleled charm. We’re inundated of superlatives to describe its presence. 

Swimming, snorkeling, basking on the sand and filled our nostrils with the whiff of saline for the next two hours. Celebrating one’s special day  together with someone you love on this paradise would be the best gift ever you could ever have. Sky was really thankful for spending his big 3-0 here.

We took the last glimpse of its stunning landscape, then close our eyes and hid on our memory bank. It was a bit heavy departing from this paradise, as everybody would agree.

We left Hong island with nothing on our pockets, only a pleasant remembrance and a new found friend, Jaija.


We knew we’ll go back there, someday.


Beach bum,


Sky and Summer

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  1. Island Trotters says: Reply

    Will drop by again to check out more of your spectacular shots! 🙂

  2. Hi Issa,

    So glad you like those two photos. Those two are actually our favorite among the set. We still have tons of similar picture which we havent touched yet. Expect for some more.

    Cheers for Wonderful Beach life!

    Sky and Summer

  3. Island Trotters says: Reply

    Hello, Sky and Summer! 🙂

    Photos 5 and 6 are a tie for me. Great postcards, well, even wallpaper posters!
    Keep featuring inspiring places like Hong island to motivate us to save more for travels. 🙂


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