Nasi Gudeg @ Gudeg Yu Djum, Yogyakarta Indonesia

16:00 04/04/2014 Must try Nasi Gudeg! Countless times we heard this rice dish all throughout Yogyakarta journey whenever we asked locals. Being a foodie, we can’t let pass without sampling this staple food in Jogja. As recommended, we aimed to visit Gudeg Yu Djum touted to be the house of the best Nasi Gudeg in Yogyakarta. The main branch is a bit far so we settle to the nearby branch close to Malioboro Street. Contrary to what we read online about the long queue, it was quite the opposite. We arrived there late lunch so only a few customers were in. 

The branch near to Malioboro has a small dining area with a fusion of classic and contemporary art decors. 

Nasi Gudeg

Gudeg is made of unripe jackfruit mixed with palm sugar, coconut milk and spices then boiled overnight 

We order the regular Nasi Gudeg. The guy assembled a mound of steamed rice, then surround it with hard boiled egg, Chicken, Krecek, and Gudeg.


You can have an add on this dish depending on your preference like tempe, fried tofu etc.

Gudeg is dominantly sweet and it’s complemented by a savoury spicy Krecek (made of cow skin crackers). There is strike balanced of sweet, salty, spicy that explodes in your mouth every time we took a spoonful of this dish. 

We’d washed down this delectable treat with Iced tea which turned to be a good pair. 

Most of the people who tried it the first time admitted they had only eaten this meal once and never attempted for a second. Can’t blame them, every people had their own say about food and preference. But for us, we devoured at least three on different restaurants. So we able to compare and benchmark which is best and not.


We concluded, Gudeg Yu Dyum is the best among the 3 we had tried in Jogja. Never leave Yogyakarta without sampling this famous dish.

Address: Jalan Dagen No.2C, Malioboro, 
              Yogyakarta 55271, Indonesia

Note: This is not paid post or some sort, we just want to share our good experience with this restaurant.

Foodie Couple,

Sky and Summer

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