2015 Fim de ano

Ecstatic! nay shall say static. Both words describe our 2015. Our momentum had ebb. Yes, we slow down a bit on travel blame it to Ringgit decline and to financial commitments. We put on our thinking cap to sort things out and align priorities on top. This doesn’t mean raising a white flag of our passion, explore historical places, wolf down delicious food, bumming on turquoise water beaches and visit the land of unexpected treasures. It’s just part of that cycle, to hit bottom and bounce back sky high.

Where had we been this 2015?

Sarawak Legislative Building

on Sarawak River Cruise

We commence our meandering of 2015, on the opposite side of Malaysia, in Kuching Sarawak. A city rich in culture and tradition, under rated destination and truly a gem of Borneo island.

Khor Nang Dimsum House, Hatyai Thailand

We reminisced our first dimsum experience in Hatyai in the same restaurant. Hatyai keeps the same vibe three years ago since we visit it. An overnight lay over was enough to recollect those fun memories.

Summer celebrating her Birthday at Koh Lipe
Sunset at Pattaya Beach

Picturesque as it is, Koh Lipe wowed us incessantly. A lot of happy memories etched on this beautiful island. 

Mactan Bridge, Cebu Philippines

It’s nice to be back on our second home, a place close to our heart. Reconnect with our long lost friends and catch up to things that been missed.


Meeting with our fellow travel buddies was much needed to keep that travel fervor alive. Thanks Liz, Marky, Riz, MJ, Sarah, Colette, and Olan for the time. Hope to meet more of our kind next year.


Our visit to the land of unexpected treasure capped our 2015 travel. Brunei mesmerized us with their two grandiose Mosques touted to be most beautiful in Asia. 
We don’t have anything yet on the blue print for 2016, but surely it wouldn’t be empty. 
Thank you for following our travel and wish you an Invigorating 2016!
Love Lots,
Sky and Summer

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