Doning Longyi like a Burmese

07:50 02/05/2014 Why are these guys wearing long colorful skirts? The first question ran to our mind after been greeted with sweet Mingalabar upon our exit at Yangon airport. The cab driver wears the same attire like everyone else. Along the way we saw Burmese young and old, women but mostly men wrap their lower bodies with that piece of cloth. Have they dislike pants? Yeah, silly it may sound. We’re so naive, baffled and same time curious. We go beyond than just looking at it. An impulse triggered us doning longyi like a Burmese at Bagan.

With the help of Phyo Phyo the jovial keeper of Mahabodhi temple. She helped us how to wear the traditional long skirt or longyi without any persuasion. We’re game for it.

Get inside the longyi. 

Fold the cloth according to one’s height. Open it wide

Grab both ends and fold them in. Twist it tight

There you go, a well tight longyi. 

Summer and Sky at Mahabodhi temple, Old Bagan Myanmar

You might be wondering why we’d wear skirt just like locals. It’s comfortable, nonetheless an appropriate cloth to wear in hot and humid weather of Myanmar. Too comfortable and by that we ditch our pants over longyi.

If you might asked where we bought it, we got it from Phyo Phyo on her souvenir store. Pay her a visit. She will be happy to put on the longyi and apply you with thanaka. 

City Wanderer,

Sky and Summer

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