Koh Lipe Trip: Island Tour A

09:00 02/05/2015 We get up from bed just when the sun rays slid through from a tiny hole on our chalet. Then hastily prep our stuff for a whole day island tour activity. Lagu beach towel, sun spray, swim wears, pair of sunnies, bit of cash, book, cameras were all put together on our waterproof bag. Next agenda was getting some  quick breakfast at 7-11. Cup noodles, nice tasty Thai breads. Not to forget our morning caffeine fix which enough to get us started. We’d walk past the famous walking street and head straight to thai beach travelers shop which we booked our island hopping tours. 

We’d been told to get the island tour packages as soon as we get on Koh Lipe. Without second thought we booked right away according to our planned itinerary. We showed our booking receipt then was ushered to assemble at the Pattaya beach shore. It’s just few meters walk from the shop.

Our goggles during Island Tour A overlooking Pattaya Beach



Swimming goggles and fins were provided, so we picked the less used ones. We waited bit longer for other guests to join our tour. Before we hit to the beach, we gather around to our assigned guides for a tour briefing. We liked how the Thai beach travelers tour guides explain clearly our itinerary for the day, do’s and don’ts and make our selves enjoy the island hopping adventure.

The island hopping in Koh Lipe was way much organized compare to what we had experience in Krabi. Maybe the group was small thus easy to manage and few operators in Koh Lipe.

We’re herded to our assigned long tail boat. Took the pride to sit in front to get a better view of the islands for snapping photo and first one to whiff the brine. We also befriended the local Thais joining our tour. Meet Pound (kawaii pose) and her travel buddy. Sawadee!

Koh Adang

Our first destination was the nearby island of Koh Adang. This island is the second biggest within the Tarutao National Marine Park. Only few boats had docked when we arrived. The water was crystal clear which is perfect or snorkeling activity.

The water looks shallow but just one leap away from the shore, it’s more than 6 feet deep. We’re encouraged by our guide to enjoy the snorkeling while still few people surround the corals.


We stayed at least an hour for non stop snorkeling, swimming with school of fishes and marveling the pretty corals.

Koh Yang

Then we move to near island Koh Yang where huge boulders with different shape surrounded the shore. It was raining after we jumped for snorkeling. The water current is picking up and were moved near to the big rocks. So we quit and joined back the gang on the boat.


All went back to the boat when the heavy rain started


We spend our remaining minutes looking at the sea shells dangling from the tree which obviously put there on purpose.

Koh Rawi

According to our itinerary, lunch will be served on the next island which is Koh Rawi. This island is known for steep cliffs, white sandy beach with astonishing turquoise blue water. 

Since it’s drizzling, few guests took their lunch at the boat. While us, laid down our Lagu beach towel and enjoy the Thai Fried rice with chicken bits. The packed meal was fairly good and filling enough, accompanied with slices of watermelon and pineapple. 


We’d given an ample time to explore the island for two hours. It is actually the highlight of this island tour. 
We relive our childhood memories while swinging on this make shift log swing. Unleashing our Miley Cyrus spirit.



Wreck eck eck me!


The beach front was post card worthy. The kind you imagine when you talk about summer escapade. 


Remember the sea shells at Koh Yang? Same same in Koh Rawi. It adds more charm to the view at same time a stark obstruction of the cerulean waters. 


We spend most of our time here swimming like there was no tomorrow and appreciating by taking tons of snap shot of this heavenly place. Who will not right?

Koh Hin Ngam

The last stop on our island tour was Koh Hin Ngam. It is famous for it’s black stones which majority made up this small island. These stones are quite unique since they’re volcanic and polished. Common activity here were stone stacking which they believed that grant’s one wish when done.


We tried our luck stacking the black stones and cast our wished. We’ll come to know if our wish was granted if we able to come back here sooner. Fingers crossed!
We left the island prior our schedule departure since the heat was too unbearable. And everybody was also urging the same. We reached back the shore of Koh Lipe at 3PM. An hour earlier of expected return, but had enough for the day. Koh Rawi was more than enough actually.
Follow our Island Tour B adventure on the succeeding post.
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