Daybreak at Sunrise Beach Koh Lipe

06:14 01/05/2015 Cold wind blows pierced through my skin walking at the long beach line of Pattaya. Suddenly, some kind of ethereal force stops me. I lost restraint and stood still. I took a deep breath, close my eyes and sniff the saline filled the air. I felt a different vibe of energy, a kind of celestial presence. I clasped my hand and uttered on my head Sawadee. It might be the presence of Thai god manifested. I continued my rambling then I pause when some mutts pursued my lead. I looked back and greet them with a dominance smile. They look at me in the eye shyly and retreat. 

I knew day break wouldn’t be that spectacular to witness at Pattaya since it faces the south. I asked and was told to go forth on the east side of the island. I don’t have a map, just a fervor feeling. I followed the paved road towards Sunrise beach. I walked passed at the resort and head straight on the shore.

The crowd came in by pairs as well as the solo sun worshipers. Each looks for their own space while waiting for the mighty sun to show up. Most of them brought their heavy SLR, mobile phones with selfie sticks, tripod and go pros. 

I went near to the array of anchored long tail boats. Looked at the horizon as darkness faded to oblivion. I dug up, docked my tripod, mount my DSLR and set the camera settings to manual. Ready for burst shot!

Everything was in place according to my plan. But then I realized one thing. I’m not going to experience that moment. My subconscious tells me “cherish that moment” Who would care if I ain’t got that perfect sunrise shot? I went forward and never turn back. I face the shore like any worshiper waiting for his master.



I sat down on the fine sand, waiting for the spectacular daybreak unfolded at  Sunrise Beach, Koh Lipe. I seized and revere each second as if it’s my last moment. Once again Sol rose from the horizon and blazed the earth. I feel the warmth, see the blinding light, smell the brine, hear the squawking of birds and taste life.


I will never get tired waking up early, sit down and witness a daybreak. Sunrise gives us brand new day to learn, live and to love. 
Sun Worshiper,


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