Chasing Autumn – Ueno Park Tokyo

The color changing of leaves often describes the word, Autumn. It is one of the seasons that we Filipinos don’t experience until one moves up to North or in the South hemisphere. Our moved to Tokyo granted us to experience this season of changing the color of leaves. We’re lucky enough to live here. One of the most recommended places to view the best autumn foliage within Tokyo is Ueno. In the quest of Chasing Autumn, we set foot first in Ueno Park in Taito Tokyo, Japan.

As we stride going forth to Ueno Park, a partially withered tree with dangling yellow leaves welcomed us with a smile. It only means that Autumn had started and may end soon. The Autumn forecast for Tokyo this year says Mid November – Early December which perfectly fit on our meandering. As fall varies each year depending on the weather.

An ensemble of red, orange, yellow, brown, and green leaves dominates our peripheral view. The different kinds and species of trees at Ueno Park is a perfect location for Koyo Leaves (Autumn colored foliage)spotting. That explains a multitude of crowd surface this Park and enjoyed the scenic view with the cool weather.

Ueno in Autumn colors


People usually come here for a picnic, discreetly feeding the birds, watching couples ride the boat on the lake or just observe the people rambling. Ueno Park is not only heavily visited during the Cherry blossoms but also during in Autumn. It’s quite evident during our last visit.

A sunny climate and cool breeze are a perfect weather to view Koyo.  The sunlight gives a natural illumination to the red and yellow leaves which look saturated and more attractive.  Watching the Maple tree shedding its red-orange hue leaves when drifted away by a gentle wind would be an unforgettable experience for first timers. The bright yellow leaves of Ginkgo tree fall on its feet creates an illusion of a golden carpet. It is a visual feast that we had never seen before.

It may be our first but definitely not will be the last.  More Chasing Autumn for sure not only here in Japan but the rest of the world.

Sky and Summer



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