How to go to Putrajaya

Putrajaya is an administrative capital of Malaysia Located 30KM south of Kuala Lumpur. The Intelligent Garden City is known for its ¬†wonderful architectural government buildings, grandiose mosques, intricately design bridges and inspiring man made lake.¬† Take a look on our Putrajaya Escapade – Intelligent Garden City, Putrajaya: A Prelude – Intelligent Garden City: Traipsing the […]

Intelligent Garden City, Putrajaya: Traipsing the Precinct

10:02 18/3/2012 After we’d blown away from the initial cityscape preview of the Taj Mahal  alike building ( actually it’s Malaysia’s Prime Minister Office). We’re now ready to meander the city on foot ( Precinct 1 ad 2) to be exact. Even though the transportation is accessible around the precincts  but the impressive architecture of government […]