Songkhla Trip: When side trip turns wedding gate crashing

12:00 01/09/2012  You heard it right! If talking about misadventures this could be a hall famer on our list of travel blunders. Until this date, we can’t believe on becoming a uninvited guest of someones’s wedding during our road trip in a foreign land. It all started when Mr. B (driver/tourist guide) asking if we eat […]

Songkhla Trip: Nag, the Great Serpent

14:30 02/09/2012 Spitting water mythical creature that  resembles  of Merlion in Singapore, another lifeless statue hype by tourist guides.That’s how we look and interpret Nag, the first time we saw this mammoth sea dragon. But our baseless judgment  was instantly  axed by a local guide after he gaily shed us some light and explains the […]

Songkhla Trip: On the Road

10:52 01/09/2012 “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.” Few words that smash our cerebrum before reading that famous book, On the Road by Jack Kerouac. These lines inundate our subtle minds from the last spontaneous road trip happened a year ago in Songkhla Thailand. It was one of a helluva road trip experience, that  captures a […]