CNY 2012: Wandering in Jalan Petaling (Chinatown of Malaysia)

12:45 23/1/2012 The road leads to Jalan Petaling was very jammed  and most of the buses are rerouted  to avoid  heavy traffic but it didn’t bother us to visit.  So, we walk across from Jalan Hang Jebat going to the heart of Chinatown

Busy Street in Jalan Petaling

Getting Here:  Putra LRT alight at Pasar Seni Station. 5 minutes walk going to Jalan Petaling

Jalan Petaling  also known as Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  reminds us  the Chinatown in our home place Davao. Where we used  to shop for clothes  and accessories, food, and even electronic gadgets. 

Chinatown in Metro Davao, Philippines
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We’ve been amazed with  the view of the Chinese arches that was place at both ends of the street which gladly welcome visitors from any part in the world. The big red Chinese lanterns hanging on the street post and ceilings which constantly caught our attention as we can see it everywhere.Chinese Lantern symbolizes happiness, brightness and reunion and it reflects the basic Chinese culture and tradition.

It was very crowded when we reached there, even in lean days since it is shopping paradise for buyers who loves to haggle like Summer. The Street Market turns into a lively and vibrant at night known as “Pasar Malam” by locals. Unfortunately, we don’t have much time to see it at night due to travel and time constraints but we’ll surely put it in our to do list. 

Aside from the  reasonable knock-off goods sold here , it also  offers the best local hawkers and restaurants serving delicious Chinese food. Sad to say, we just had taken our lunch  but  we promise to save it for the “Pasar Malam” adventure soon.

Not only sort of stuffs and food stalls you can see in this place. It’s backpackers sanctuary which budget hotels, guest house, and Inns are located. ( Complete list of Hotels located in Chinatown click  here)

13:30 The day wouldn’t be complete if Summer can’t demonstrate her haggling skills. Well she pull it  off after several attempts, equip with charm and persistence. She got three nice bags for a price of one. I didn’t bother as she likes three of them.  I don’t know how she did it, but one thing is for sure, no more ” What if I buy the other one?”  question.  –   😛  Sky

I spill the haggling secret of Summer. It’s your turn to share  bargaining and haggling tips/experience. 🙂

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  1. it seems like you are having a great time.. you must have caught the travel bug. 🙂 I like your pictures.

  2. Indeed, we got stung by a travel bug that has no cure. Oh the pictures are just taken randomly. Thanks Roch for dropping by 🙂

  3. Oonga no, parang Davao lang! 😀

  4. Same-same lng gyud! Mapa foodstalls og DCLA alike stores … ^_^

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