Travels Snaps: Features our best photos of iconic places that we visit during our previous travel. It’s a recollection of unforgettable snaps and story behind it. Tokyo Tower is the second tallest landmark in Japan after Sky tree.  It stood about 333 meters tall radio tower  built in 1958.  The […]

Travel Snaps: Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Japan

It has been a while since we update and wrote an entry on this blog. Many things have changed since I accept a new job and relocated to a new country which by the way included on 40ish list. It wasn’t an easy decision for us since we live in KL […]

Moving to Land of Rising Sun

We all need a change of scenery every once in a while but not all of us can afford to spend a fortune. Check out our budget weekend getaway ideas in Malaysia!   Foodie fiesta: Penang Head over to Penang where you can indulge yourself with a smorgasbord of food […]

Weekend Getaway on a budget in Malaysia

Traveling around Southeast Asia becomes a trend destination for global backpackers. The million of visitors drawn to this part of Asia is increasing each year. This phenomenon was the catalyst for  more budget carrier connectivity along the region and huge demand for the hospitality business. The Philippines had well benefited of this […]

Review: Z Hostel Makati, Philippines

06:14 01/05/2015 Cold wind blows pierced through my skin walking at the long beach line of Pattaya. Suddenly, some kind of ethereal force stops me. I lost restraint and stood still. I took a deep breath, close my eyes and sniff the saline filled the air. I felt a different vibe […]

Daybreak at Sunrise Beach Koh Lipe

09:00 29/11/2015 On our last day in Brunei, we agreed to eat at any local food joint  for breakfast. Looking for any visible hawkers at Kampung Batu was close to none. We’d thought everyone must be cooking at their home then. We’d been eating at Jollibee Brunei for the last […]

SCR, Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei

16:00 10/09/2015 Cebu is our ideal connecting hub whenever we travel home to Davao or going back in KL. Why not Manila? Good question, as you know NAIA is a magical place when bullets summoned on your belongings by a leprechaun. A lot of sorcery and thievery happens casually and […]

Temporary Abode: Zerenity Hotel and Suites Cebu Philippines

09:00 02/05/2015 We get up from bed just when the sun rays slid through from a tiny hole on our chalet. Then hastily prep our stuff for a whole day island tour activity. Lagu beach towel, sun spray, swim wears, pair of sunnies, bit of cash, book, cameras were all […]

Koh Lipe Trip: Island Tour A

Travelling is not all about experiencing glitzy hotels, loosening up to extreme adventures, taking unlimited selfies and cam whoring with your go pro. Every seasoned travelers will surely nod that travels are not all happy endings and kicking Voldemort’s ass. When you run out of luck mishaps, tribulation, and blunders […]

Travel Mishap: Lock Up Abroad Phuket