There are glut of accommodation to choose from when visiting Japan.  Lodge, Budget Inns, Fancy Hotels or experience the Japanese way of a Capsule Hotel. On our visit to Kansai region, we stayed in Capsulized style accommodation for the first time. So you know,  it is a pod hotel, with […]

Temporary Abode: Shell Nell Namba, Osaka Japan

Kansai is one of the most interesting regions to visit Japan. It is where Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe cities are located. Initially I allocated 5 days to visit this region but later on decided to make it 8 days 7 nights trip.  Covering these places requires much of time […]

Kansai Backpacking (8D7N) – Itinerary and Expenses

Brunei is one of the richest countries in Asia but the less visited among its Southeast Asian neighbors. Finding a cheap accommodation in Brunei is also close to nil. When we visited this country, we had left with no choice but nod which ever agrees to our budget. One of the […]

Temporary Abode: Apek Utama Hotel, Brunei Darussalam

Mt. Takao or known locally as Takaosan is notably the most famous visited mountain trail during weekends in Kanto region. An ideal place for people looking for natural recreational activities within Tokyo. It offers beautiful sceneries like view of Mt. Fuji, interesting shrines, and challenging mountain trails for thrill seekers. During my […]

Mt. Takao, Tokyo Japan

Over a  week ago, I embark on a solo backpacking across the Kansai Region of Japan. An unplanned and very spontaneous trip after realizing an impending boredom  #whattoduringoldenweek. For 7 days I ventured to nonstop walking and explore the famous attractions of Osaka, Kyoto, Nara,  and Kobe. I made a […]

Kansai Japan Backpacking in 60 seconds

Everyone has its preference what to bring and what’s not when it comes to travel. Music player, handy camera, books, and glasses.  One that we can’t leave without during travel is glasses. We’re not talking of prescription glasses but those funky and stylish eyewear that protects your retina from harsh elements. So what’s […]

Travel Essentials: Sunglasses

If London has Buckingham Palace, Tokyo have their own version, the  Akasaka Palace.  Originally built as the Imperial Palace for the Crown Prince way back 1909.  This Neo-Baroque western style palace is one of the biggest structure built during the Meiji period. The palace has a floor area of 15,000 […]

Akasaka Palace/ State Guest House, Tokyo Japan

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in South East Asia. One of the biggest draws for international visitors is the number of beautiful islands. You can easily go island hopping across several in just one trip. With so much on offer, we predict you’ll definitely want to spend […]

6 Islands to visit on your tour of Thailand 

Central Java is famous for its two UNESCO heritage temple complex namely Borobudur and Prambanan. Both located in Magelang and Yogyakarta respectively. Aside from these two major temples, there is another complex which usually skipped by the crowd called Candi Plaosan Lor. It is located at Prambanan district just northeast of […]

Candi Plaosan Lor, Central Java Indonesia

Moving to Japan brought as many first in our lives. Our first Autumn, Snow and the list goes one. Adding to that list would flying a budget carrier on a domestic flight in the land of rising sun.  For starters, we’d always used budget airlines for most of our travel. […]

Airline Review: Spring Japan

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines deprived us the season of winter and to see a snow. It’s not entirely surprising if Filipinos dream is to set foot at least once in their life to visit a cold country to experience it. Many would go to South Korea, Europe, US, […]

First Day of Snow

The color changing of leaves often describes the word, Autumn. It is one of the seasons that we Filipinos don’t experience until one moves up to North or in the South hemisphere. Our moved to Tokyo granted us to experience this season of changing the color of leaves. We’re lucky enough […]

Chasing Autumn – Ueno Park Tokyo

Our wish of experiencing snow short lived when a rare snowfall showered in Tokyo last November 24, 2016. Mounds of snow can’t be found in the streets as it was only good for several hours. It deprived us big time to do some snowball fights and build a snowman. How sad it […]

Sapporo on a Budget with Itinerary and Expenses

At this time, it is not totally new where travel blogs had been used as an avenue for marketing products and services.  Many of the big brands leverage the blogosphere as it is more direct to the readers and targets specific customers or clients. But there is a certain formula […]

Strategies for Online Business Success

New Year is one of the most important Holidays in Japan. Most of the business, banks, and shops are closed from January 1-3.  It is widely celebrated in the country and observed until on the third day. Being a foreigner in this country. We are curious how the people celebrated […]

New Year in Japan

Invigorating… Yeah! what a year it has been.  The itch for weekend escapade had diminished as we re-align our priorities and big decisions had been made which will set for new heights in future. But we didn’t finish this year empty. We reminisce, experience we missed, tick off some of […]

2016: Nen Matsu (年末)

Would you travel to Tokyo just to see the dog?  YES, our subconscious responded.  A random question plays into our mind after watching that tear-jerking movie Hachi: A Dogs’s tale. We didn’t know how famous he was until we google it and surprisingly bump to picture where we saw his imposing statue. […]

Meeting Hachiko

Hydrangea or known as Ajisai (Japanese) signifies rainy season and coming of Summer in Japan. It is revered by most of the Japanese like how they do for ume and sakura. Viewing the hydrangea flower becomes a tradition when it is full bloom between early June to mid-July. People flock to […]

Hydrangea Path at Hasedera Temple, Kamakura

Malaysia has some of the best amusement parks in South East Asia. Some of the most exceptional of these theme parks are located in Johor Bahru, which is the third largest city in Peninsular Malaysia, and also serves as the state capital of the southernmost region of Johor. Being a […]

4 Exclusive Theme Parks in Johor Bahru

The ataractic view of Hydrangea path lured me on last minute to travel to Kamakura in a dash on a Saturday noon. It took me about 90 minutes from Tokyo aboard the train via Odakyu line to Kamakura and less than 20 minutes to reached Hasedera temple complex. A fleet […]

Hasedera Temple, Kamakura Kanagawa