Nature Trip: Taman Bunga Raya ( Hibiscus Garden)

11:35 5/2/2012 We promise from the previous post (Nature Trip: The Taman Orkid Kuala Lumpur) that we’ll visit the Hibiscus Garden. This is the second series of our nature trip. We took a cab and return to Taman Tasik Perdana which Taman Bunga Raya is located. The cab driver went on detour and we thought it’s a shortcut but he actually lost the way. We went to a narrow road where he found a gardener and ask for direction. He drop us on the same spot which we alight from Orchid Garden. 

Desperately looking for a signage that will lead us to the place and we found this one.

Gazing at the wall, It pointed out that we passed by the Garden. So we hike and follow the path . Walking along the way seems surreal like in a dream that takes forever. All you can see is pavement, winding road ,beautiful lamp post and lot of  trees. I forgot to mention there are also monkeys lurking on the tree so beware.

After several minutes of guided walking we halt on another stone wall. Chuckle at each other not because we reach the Garden but it was the same narrow road the cab driver leads us when we got lost earlier. 

We climb up through the entrance stairs which direct us to Information And Gallery Center.

We quickly left the area and scouted for a shade before we got burned by extreme heat of sun. Summer sat on a bench while I was bustling around taking good photo with the Hibiscus Fountain.

 I was so engage in taking snapshots and I didn’t notice Summer had find someone to chit chat.

Summer and Sky Interaction 

I settled on the bench while waiting for Sky. There is a woman, opposite in my direction. She seems so friendly and giving me a nod and a warm smile. With my extrovert attitude towards friendly people. I didn’t miss a chance and introduce myself. Her name was Rosemary from England. She just had a  vacation in Australia, had a stop over in Malaysia before heading home to UK. She happily shared about the climate in England as compared to Malaysia. Before we get further, Sky had laid back and introduce him to my new friend. 
– Summer 

It was the extreme hot weather that brought us together in the shades”

We found out that she reach  Taman Tasik Perdana from Banda Raya Station by foot. It’s relatively quite far but  she did enjoy walking on a high humid weather of Malaysia. After exchanging stories and travel experiences we ask Rosemary if she ever had visited the Philippines and actually she isn’t 🙁  So, it was a shining moment for us to introduce our country and highlight the best tourist spot. We even told her “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” . She got fascinated and ask about the places to visit..  “A place not too crowded, can unwind and appreciate nature”  she suggested. Random thing comes to our mind and said Palawan’s Subterranean River and Panglao Beach in Bohol. Ironically, we recommend to visit those places even we haven’t been there. Minutes pass by and she’s ready to leave. Rosemary was heading to Orchid Garden which we gladly shared what she can expect there. As sort of remembrance we ask her permission if we can take a mugshot. Without second thoughts she agreed. We were so lucky because she rarely allow people to take photo of her. She even suggested to take snapshots with flowers, since she is very fond of it. She did not only pose for one but five. We think the camera loves her, take a look. We exchange goodbyes and told Rosemary we’ll meet again on the road.

Sky’s Notes

Overall, there’s nothing much to roam around the garden and there were only few species of Hibiscus to look at.  The garden maybe is intended for sightseeing , place to relax and enjoy nature at its best.

Well here are some nice flowers you can see there.

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