5 Things to do in Pasar Malam (Night Market) Petaling Street

20:00 7/4/2012 We had promised during our first visit of Chinatown in KL (Wandering in Jalan Petaling) to experience Pasar Malam (Night Market) as many locals had suggested. So, we give it a try and reached Chinatown exactly right after sunset on a different occasion. The usual one stop shop in the morning had transformed into a bustling street with jostling crowd at night. The not so empty streets earlier,  are now jam packed with tourists and locals. We observe, shop, haggle, binge on food and drinks and anything to do in a night market. Our very first experience of Pasar Malam in Malaysia was very memorable and it didn’t disappoint us. So, we list five things of what we did or you can do in Pasar Malam in Petaling Street as a guide so you’ll know what to expect when you drop by here.

1. Observe how Chest Nut or “Berangan” is roasted.

We can still recall how it’s sweet aroma lured us to the roasted chest nut vendor. The smell was something like roasted peanut and sugar. It was our first time to see how a chest nut is cooked through a roaster. We’re like curious kids who just nod and agree of what being taught to us. The raw chestnuts are placed into a big pot with black pebbles unto it for faster cooking. While the metal revolver makes chestnut evenly cooked and produces light smoke that entices every tourist who passes by. 

You can buy the roasted chest nut per grams or kilo.  Try it out, the sweetness in its shell is something hidden the way they cooked it and far better than our kastanyas.

2. Shop and Haggle till you drop.

Shopping, one of the reasons why tourist and locals flock to the narrow street of Petaling. The make shifts bazaar and stalls sprouts when evening comes and makes the neighbourhood space tighter. Hence, not a good place to visit   for claustrophobic. We’d seen the best bargains here from shoes, dress, wallets, bags, souvenirs even jewellery. The knock-off goods are sold cheap but must do a comparable price check to other stalls who sells same goods. Sometimes  Mr. A sells overprice and his rival Mr.B sells a reasonable one. Every time we find some stuff we normally ask for the price, have it compared before impulsively buying it.  Mind you, they have a special price for foreigners so a small chit chat sometimes will do the trick. Don’t forget to bargain, they’re willing to give you discount especially if you buy by bulk. Before agreeing and paying always check the stuff you buy cause bad quality will not always guarantee you a replacement. 

3. Bingeing on delectable local food.

Petaling Street is home of the finest and delectable Malaysian food. For travellers it’s a food haven and seeing foreigners feasting here is very usual. There are food lurer who will highlight their restaurant’s specialty and promo of the night to attract customers. Most of the restaurants  are crowded and getting one to settle is challenging during weekends. Our hungry stomach lead us to a Seafood Restaurant which is located near the end of Petaling Street. We ordered Lemon Grass Blachan Chicken (shown above lower left),  Chicken Satay( lower right)and Yang Shou Fried Rice (above of Satay). The lemon grass blachan was too spicy and oily which left us no choice but to gnaw the Chicken satay. With all honesty,  the food is just  a mediocre and nothing special. Well the ambiance paid our unsatisfied cravings and had divert it to Anchor.

4. Enjoy the Cold beer

Yes,  Anchor did a great job in diverting our dissatisfaction. The ice cold Anchor veers our vexation on a suppose to be night pig out. We took time and cherish the moment to record its smoothness on our taste bud. Sky being a beer drinker was amaze by its distinct smoothness as it follows the European tradition of brewing. FYI, we are not paid to promote this Beer, just so happen this one is on promo that night. The 633ml for 16RM is ain’t that bad and too tempting for a guy who haven’t drink beer for months. Cheers to that!

5.  It’s time to buy some Sweet treats.

This is more applicable for people who have sweet tooth and love munchies. It’s more like a white version of “Bukayo” in the Philippines. Though this one is bit harder but assure you can’t stop once you start. The coconut candy strip is to die for and wouldn’t hurt your pocket that much. Don’t forget to grab one as smaller packs sold as low as 1RM and bigger ones 5RM.

There are a lot of things you can do in Pasar Malam in Petaling Street aside from the above listed. Just, don’t stop exploring the narrow pathways, for sure.  there are surprise that awaits you. 

Night Market Junkies,

Sky and Summer

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  1. The coconut candy strip looks interesting to try:) thank you for sharing your wonderful vacation:)

  2. Hi SunnyToast thanks for dropping by. The coconut candy strip is a winner! ^_^

  3. I love 5 things and 10 things posts! And I love pasar malams. You've done justice in the great photos and write up.. well done! http://ccfoodtravel.com/

  4. Thanks Ciki! We're addicted to Pasar Malams and we'll post our Jonker Street Pasar Malam experience on the succeeding entries. ^_^

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