Nature Trip: Tanjung Tuan, Negeri Sembilan

08:30 20/08/2012  Staycation in our abode while catching up some backlogs in our blog. That’s how we spend our first two days of the long weekend. Yes, boring it may sound but we have a great time looking back our thousand raw pictures from the previous travel. In between, we’re still thinking what would happen […]

Temporary Abode: L’ Armada Guest House, Melaka

16:00 28/4/2012 We’ve been traipsing the historical city for seven straight hours not including our two hours road trip. From walking endlessly in the street of historical Melaka to climbing the steep hills of St. Paul and Bukit Cina. After this deed, You’ll surely picture out out what we had gone through. ¬†Our clothes soaked […]

Her Beach: Kibela Beach Guinsiliban, Camiguin

Kibela Beach, CamiguinPhoto Credit to : Her BeachEh, sounds identical? not that apparel global brand. I’m talking about Summer’s favourite Beach. Her vivid mind can still picture out every moment happened on that summer vacation 15 years ago. It was an ordinary summer break that turns to be the best vacation she ever had. It […]