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08:00 26/8/2012 Remember #16 of our 40ish list  Meet and interview a famous travel blogger? Aside from ticking off one on the list. Finally we had met and interviewed the person behind the famous  travel blog soloflighted.com. Do we still need to introduce him? Nah, everyone knows Edcel Suyo or Eds on the blogosphere. He is one of the most sought after on the pinoy  travel blog scene. His followers, supporters and travel buddies can attest to that. He’s known for being  humble and “wai blema attitude” that earns him as PTB’s  most desirable hunk as what Mica of Senyorita.net  describes. His travel will not be completed without his trademark  HEADSTAND. It becomes his signature pose and will not be surprise if this act will be coined Edceling (like Noynoying) in the future. So to speak, you thought to imitate that bone crushing acrobat. But on the last minute you ponder that a neck brace is not a good fashion accent. So just leave that to Eds, he executes better than we do. Other than his adventurous persona, there is another side of him that surely you wan’t to know. Don’t scroll down yet on that part. Let us shared how meet we him and how he’d spend the day with us despite of his very tight schedule.

Couple meets the Headstand Guy

It started from exchanging comments on our Batu Caves entry about his interest to comeback to Malaysia. After his six months on the road and counting he came back but instead went ahead to Dungun. A quaint town in the State of Terrenganu, located on eastern coast of peninsular Malaysia. Apparently he’d an opportunity in Dungun that was irresistible, albeit we’ll go for the same, if we have the time. What a lucky guy. Before that, we had invited him for a casual meetup in case he drop by to Kuala Lumpur. Surprisingly, we got a message from him that he’ll be spending the day in KL before his evening flight to the neighbouring country. You’ll got to know that we are a big fan of his travel blog. Meeting the person, who inspired us to travel not only made us excited but ecstatic as well. 

He spend his day in our abode instead of rambling around KL or visit the gigantic Murugan statue in Batu Caves. You know what would people talk with same passion. So it revolves about Travel, Work, Blogging, and Online Monetization for the rest of the day.  

Eds shared us his humble beginning as a blogger before making his personal blog to what now  as a soloflighted.com.  He showed us, how his blog looks like few years back,  a basic white theme designed compared to the funky look of his blog now. 

Eds showing us his secret $$$
We knew beforehand that you can get something out of blogging. But still were skeptical about
online monetization not until Eds showed us his figures. Oh Boy! jaw dropped, can’t believe what we saw on his paypal. We’re like, how did you do that? and the questions go on. He gave us an idea how to start earning from the blog aside from the ads. We can’t share you the details as we had a verbal confidentiality agreement with Eds, wink. It’s not really a secret, he even shared most of it on his  online money making 101 site Edearns. Dig it, you’ll learn how to earn passively while keeping your 9/6 or 8/5 job.

Before we proceed to our coveted interview with Eds, we had some small chit chat about his recent Bali trip over an Ice Cream. Yes folks, he loves ICE CREAM and his favourite is Taro ( Ube) just like us. 

The Random Interview
It’s more like a fill in the blank questions.

Here it is!

The last time I took a leap of faith was when I resigned from my job after 6 years.
Courtesy of soloflighted.com
I’m longing for  crazy adventures whenever I’m travelling.
Courtesy of soloflighted.com
I wish I can travel  no particular, with anyone as long as no issues if given a chance
Courtesy of soloflighted.com

Ice cream, was the last food that upset my stomach. Not during the interview.

I will learn to speak Chavacano so I  can understand my gf’s dialect and able to spoke with her friends
Photo from Wikipedia
Tune of Bob Sinclar – Love Generation can make me dance in public.

I learn to save money because of travelling.
Courtesy of soloflighted.com
Sunset  over the red sand dunes at Muine Vietnam was the first time I witness
a beautiful sunset in my entire life.
Courtesy of soloflighted.com
I came back to Siem Reap, Cambodia as I promise during my last visit
Courtesy of soloflighted.com

Doing Headstands makes me happy when I’m on the road.
Courtesy of soloflighted.com
Isla Reta in Samal was the best and not touristy beach I ever visit.
Courtesy of soloflighted.com
I was caught in the middle when choosing a secured office job and online work
Courtesy of soloflighted.com
Last time I gave a tip was having a Haircut In Dungun Malaysia.
Photo from momscashblog.com
The moment that I’m scare to death was trying to climb 20 feet rock in Bali, with my knees constantly shaking. 
Courtesy of soloflighted.com

Having a life as a backpacker from Dan of tropicalmba.com was the person that inspired me  with this kind of lifestyle on the road.

There you go, a quick interview before he rush in to his next destination. We’re very thankful not just for the meet and interview time but for spending his entire day with us. We’re looking forward to see him on the road or another tete a tete in our abode. Next time Baskin Robbins or Haagen-Dazs on us 🙂

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Eds, be safe in your travel and may the force be with you always!

Your avid fan,

Sky and Summer

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