BFTwo for 2

Yikes! we’d almost forgot BFT just turned Two last January 22. Yay! Time really flies, and 365 days is now just a blink of an eye. 24 months had passed and yet we dunno how to manage a pile of backlogs and fight back with procrastination. Not only that, writer’s block occasionally haunt and  leave us unproductive with a dozens of write drafts. The 44 posts from last year says it all. 
But this doesn’t mean we’re little by little ditching off the blogosphere. It wouldn’t happened and never will. Promise!

After two years, we no longer asked ourselves why we keep blogging. 
– Being acknowledge and receive numerous thank you’s was more than enough when we able to inspired people by viewing our travel  photos and reading our wonderful experience.  To our casual readers Terimah Kasih banyak!

– Because of travel  blogging we’d meet strangers that became our friends and co bloggers that we only knew in virtual space that shared with us with same passion.

Friends in Vietnam
L-R Mai (BudgetBiyahera), Riz (Lamyerda), MJ (Tauyann) and us. at Nandos KLCC

Photo grabbed from Cindy Solon
L-R Sinjin, Riz, Angeli, Us, Cindy, Melo, Doi, Ayn, Carla and Dylan

We’ll continue from what we’d started and may this blog will be our testament when we get old, that we had enough of living and chasing life. 

(As of this writing, we haven’t filled our backpacks yet for a two day trip and  we’ll be rushing again to the airport at this great time of the year, CNY Goodluck! ) Spell Ngarag!

Love lots,

Sky and Summer

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  1. TheSoulExplorer says: Reply

    Happy anniversary! 🙂

  2. Im sure you'll love Penang. Currently Im here right now, enjoying its laid back atmosphere. Hahaha

  3. Yeah, majority of people here have Chinese lineage so its expected most of the buildings even their food had had chinese influence.

  4. The first time i saw that huge joss sticks mistook it as a fountain firework lol

  5. These very interesting structures reflect the heritage and culture of Penang. I wish we could include this in our travel plans someday.

  6. Beautiful structures with lots of interesting places. The antique car really intrigued me.

  7. This post reminded me that I'm way behind in sharing my own experience of Penang. And it seems like you've gone to so many places compared to me..hehe! It's true what they said.. you really can't explore Penang in just 2 days. It won't be enough, given all of it's interesting sites and more. I'm definitely revisiting this post as reference. 🙂

  8. Even on my second visit now, there are still interesting attractions that I haven't tick off. Slow lang talaga ako sa travel. Hehehe.

  9. Hainrihi Rhine says: Reply

    I have been to Malaysia, but I have never been to Penang, I missed this 🙁 Hopefully, when I go back there, I can visit Penang 😀

  10. algene may cutamora says: Reply

    It feels like I had a personal encounter with the said place 🙂 Thanks to your photos. Nakabuild ng instant connection LOL

  11. You should, Penang is just 4hours bus away from the capital city KL.

  12. Ganyan din ako, by looking at the photos parang nakapag travel na din.

  13. Great architecture indeed. I will blog the next post the imposing architecture in Penang, guess who designed? A Filipino.

  14. Rochkirstin Santos says: Reply

    The Jubilee Clock Tower reminds me of our Manila City Hall because of that giant clock. Was this a DIY tour or you had somebody touring you around?

  15. those oldies but super goodies cars! they looks so expensive haha the buildings looks so facinating as well. wish i can go there one day haha pg my time hehe

  16. Aldous Calubad says: Reply

    I hope I could get the chance to visit the city hall of Penang soon.

  17. The St. George Church really stands out in the place it occupies. It doesn't look old as one built in 1816.

  18. Some of the places in these photos are somehow similar to here in the Philippines. I remember the one in Manila City Hall with that Jubilee Clock 😀

  19. Jonas Labagala says: Reply

    The efforts of renovating the old buildings are commendable! I would actually love to take pictures of these buildings and just look at it. Thanks for the virtual tour! 😀

  20. Twice pa lang 🙂 baka balik naman kami ulit sa Georgetown fest this July 🙂

  21. Indeed, Sometimes I just look at them with amazement without ticking the shutter.

  22. Somehow there are similarities but most of our buildings in Manila are now in bad shape and somehow needs restoration or rehabilitation perhaps.

  23. This structure also captures our heart. this building had recent restorations that why it looks as new 🙂

  24. This is DIY tour, you have just have a Map and bottle of water then it' enough to tour around Georgetown.

  25. Hey Sama kayo pag balik namin during Georgetown festival 🙂

  26. when yun? pra prepared ako haha

  27. Happy Anniversary! Hope to meet you both soon 😀

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