Assam Laksa Air Hitam, Penang Malaysia

18:17 06/07/2013 Assam Laksa is the other favorite dish next to Char Kuey Teow when talking about must eat food in Penang, Malaysia. Finding the best Laksa will be a tough one as people has it’s own preference and bias. But if you’ll gonna ask the Penangites (locals in Penang) they’ll answer you two, one in Balik Pulau other in Air Hitam. Since the Laksa in Pasar Air Hitam is situated at the foot of Kek Lok Si, we favored to visit this spot.  Our good friend Doc Gelo even recommended to try their Laksa here. Foodies will be always convinced 🙂

Everyone in Penang  knows where to find the legendary Assam Laksa on the island. They’ll all point you to go Pasar Air Hitam which is 7KM away from Georgetown. Riding the bus 203  took us to Air Hitam  more than 30 minute. Earlier, we scanned photos from Doc Gelo’s blog, so we’ll know what to expect. The stall is an open space next  to wet market (Pasar). Being food adventurous, we expect nothing fancy but a good grub.

Before climbing up to KeK Lok Si, we already mark the stall and promise to return asap. Well, circumstance brought us back to the stall in less than an hour when the temple shut it’s door for visitors. We got so lucky as there was no longer people swarming on the Laksa stall. Maybe just because they’ll be closing in less than an hour or so.

We got our mangkuk of Assam Laksa for 4 ringgit brimming with aroma and taste. It’s unappealing and messy  look was a camouflage of what we’d discover. Being a big fan of noodle dish be it ramen, udon, ramyun, and our batchoy. Laksa was too tempting not to missed it. 

The first sip of soup reminds us of a sinigang, “soury but with a fishy twist”. But when all ingredients mixed up,  Laksa turns into a sweet salty sourish dish, a very unique fusion of taste that made us dumbfounded. 

Assam Laksa in Pasar Air Hitam is made of tamarind base stock with mashed mackerel , laksa noodles then garnished with chilies, mint leaves, onions, torch ginger. And a spoonful of ha-ko a dark sweet thick shrimp sauce. Combine them all together you have a bowl of heaven. The refreshing aroma of mint leaves and onions stimulates our taste buds, that leave us with a multiple foodgasms. Even the traveler /chef celebrity Anthony Bourdain was astounded  after emptying a bowl of this Laksa.

Video Credit: to the owner

A very simple dish bursting magical taste that will concur you love to Penang more. Someone had comeback to Penang  lately and demystify the secret of this Laksa, don’t get excited it will be on the next post.

Address: Pasar Air Hitam Jalan Pasar 11500 Air Hitam Pulau Penang, Malaysia

Operating Hours: Opens Daily 11:00 AM to 7:30 PM
Note: This is not paid post or some sort, we just want to share our good experience with this stall.

Foodie Couple,

Sky and Summer

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  1. Laarnie Deguzman says: Reply

    i tried laksa in singapore and its so good.. hmm i want to try too in malaysia 🙂

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    gotta try this soon. Never knew there's laksa in Malaysia. Thanks for sharing

  3. That same reason why we never go inside 🙂

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