Confessions of a first time snorkeller

14:26 24/11/2013 We thought of ending 2013 without ticking any of 40ish list. After a series of wretched and unfavorable circumstance on a first half of the year. Not to discuss in details but it consumed a lot of energy, time and  dries up our cash flow.  Which left us no choice but to cancel our planned trips with a heavy heart (drama to it’s finest). But one day a toss of luck turns back to our side and the last thing we could remember.  We’re booking flights till our travel yearning got satiated. If you badly wanted something, all the universe conspire in helping you to achieve it.This case, Air Asia granted our wish and flown us to Krabi to full fill one on the list #3. Snorkel in one of the pristine beach of Andaman Sea.


On a beautiful Sunday afternoon right after touring the beautiful islands of Phi Phi in Krabi. Our speed boat  immediately anchored to Andaman waters. The sea was emerald green as reflected from the verdant hill surrounded the island. It looks inviting but the fear of deep waters overtook our enthusiasm. Next thing we knew, snorkeling gears were passed on to all tour members. Excitement, fear, and a set of emotions mixed up all together. Any moment we’ll be leaping to an open sea with a life vest that supports our dear life.  Suppressing our aquaphobia was one thing, but jumping to deep waters takes us to a different level. Surely it took a lot of courage and push from someone else in case we chickened out.
Photo Op before taking the plunge.
Alas! first taste of saline water of Andaman Sea. So this is how it feels, just like an excrement floating at the sea, lol. Wearing a loose extra size life jacket was totally uncomfortable and it keeps the vest pushing upward. So it’s advisable to have a fit and functioning well-strapped vest when snorkeling. Aside from the life preserver we find the gears alien to us and didn’t find well it’s purpose. As we’re coping how to breathe from the tube alternately with our nose.  An excuse for amateurish  supported by the saying goes “There’s always a first time”.

We thought snorkeling was easy, after failing several attempts, we’d say a Big NO! It’s difficult to balance while flapping your feet and staying afloat on the surface and  taking photos at the same time. It’s a kind of  water activity that you can’t master on a single try. 

Aside from the hiccups of using the gears, snorkeling on a not so good weather could be dangerous. Just like  our second day of Snorkeling at Daeng Island. One snorkeler pushed back by strong current every time he seeks back to the boat. So our tour guide went to rescue, throw him the buoy and brought him back to the boat unscathed. Heeding warning from the guide is very important.

The best part of snorkeling is not keeping oneself floating  but experiencing the wonders beneath the surface. Feeding and chasing the fishes, and getting acquainted with other sea creatures. 

The video above shows our novice experience to 3. snorkel in one of the pristine beach of Andaman sea.

Snorkelling Fan,

Sky and Summer

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