Krabi Trip: Beach bumming at Ao Nang

13:34 23/11/2013 It’s raining cats and dogs when we reached  Ao Nang, Krabi. The dark clouds  and chilly breeze hinted us there will be no island hopping activity. Our hunch had been confirmed after asking Tar (owner of KL house) whom they offered island tours. He was honest and upfront to tell us there was no single boat left the pier on that day. Boo! Our face turned sour and speechless of what we just heard. If you had traveled more than 800 KM just to visit their famous white sand beaches. You’ll know exactly how we felt. It was utterly distressing and agonizing. We can’t afford and lose the day without doing nothing. We found some little encouragement upon looking at the crowd heading down on the nearby beach. So we grab our stuff and follow the herd with less expectation.

The closed counter of Ao Nang Longtail boat service says it all. There was no boat service even to its nearby islands. Despite the wet weather, our longing for the beach and dipping our feet to sand didn’t dwindle. It gets more intense upon hearing the loud sound of waves reaching the shore. We already picture out what we’ll gonna do when we reach there.

Immediately we search for a spot to lie down on our aquamarine colored beach friendly Lagu blanket. We’d found an elevated space under the shade of a tree. A vantage view for beach and people spotting. 

Looking at the people swimming being pummeled by huge waves made us less eager to take a plunge. So what we’ll gonna do aside from swanky lounging on our sand repellent Lagu blanket?

Walk at the Shore

It was great feeling after our feet reunited with the sand while sauntering the seashore. There, we saw people wearing happy faces walking aimlessly while carrying their slippers. The cheerful sound of kids chasing their parents waiting to be slammed by big waves.

And the look of inquisitive people why we’re towing a tripod and a bulky camera along the shore. We blithely respond them with a smile.
People Spotting
One of our guilty pleasures when bumming at the beach is randomly looking at people. Yes, we love observing people whether they’re idle or in motion. It gave us that deeper sense of understanding of human behavior through their actions. To avoid being obvious, we conceal our glaring eyes with sunnies. Otherwise you’ll be judge as weirdo or worst a psycho. 
I’m sure we’re not the only ones doing it and don’t be guilty either. Visual perception had good explanation about it. 
Snap Shot!

Speaking of perception best way to retain those candid memories are by taking snapshots with a camera. There are plenty of moments at the beach worthy to be captured. Just like the photo below. The lady with a floral wreath on her head acting some kind of fairy. 

She gladly portrayed and posed according to her photographer’s instruction. Just a matter of seconds the lady was enveloped by a huge wave after she walk backwards. She was drenched and people witnessed the scene burst into laughter. Apparently my camera’s battery went dead and haven’t captured that wacky moment. It would be funny in GIF (evil grin). 

With a plethora of subjects at the beach, there’s no way you sling that camera without using. it. Like we did, we haven’t stop clicking that shutter until we exhausted the battery.

Reading + Ice cold beer

If we carry our  read worthy books at the beach, we might end up same with this two bibliophiles. With the background sound of waves pounding the shore and squeaky sound of sea birds makes reading even more pleasurable. How much more paired it with an ice cold beer? Whoa heaven!

Jump Shots!

Who doesn’t love aerial maneuver shots at the beach? For the record, we haven’t skip not doing an obligatory jump shots whenever we visit at the beach. It’s kinda addicting, liberating and bit of childish gesture that wouldn’t made you stop until you aim that “wow” shot.

Star Jump shot

It’s not easy for those who lift their fat ass opposing the G force. Not to mention you have to synchronize yer jump from the timer or to the count of the cameraman. Else you end up like a headless leaping creature soaring in the air.

There you go, things that we did aside from idling at  Ao Nang Beach. We know  there are more things that can be added from the list above. Care to share? 

Beach Bum Couple,

Sky and Summer


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  1. wow. the sea looks rough in the pics. It was so calm when I was there. I've heard about tour companies pushing through even when the sea is rough. I feel bad for you two but of course it's always better to stay safe. BTW, just idling around and watching ppl is fun and relaxing 🙂

  2. There was a heavy storm came after we reach Ao Nang, and there was a big boat capsize near Phi Phi. So all the tours were cancelled. But we are thankful we havent experience the worst.

    Watching ppl can be therepeutic sometimes.

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