Temporary Abode: Tune Hotel Solo Indonesia

10:30 03/04/2014 Right after disembarking the Blue Bus. A bunch of locals came to our sight. Without a doubt, that backpacks and weary faces lured and hinted them we’re tourists. Oh well, our demeanor was too obvious and easily deciphered by the gang. Mana? They’re asking where we’re going. Before we uttered an erred Bahasa. A constant smirk radiated on our face seconded by a head shake of disagreement. They went mute and veered off from our path. It’s a strange encounter knowing drivers/ touts are pesky and sometimes too pushy. Now our direction solely relies on that given tourist map. Phew!

The narrow road, direction and turns that leads to our abode was knotty. It took us 25 minutes to find our hotel. If we didn’t too cheapskate and allowed the becak driver, we could have save that 20 minutes. Anyway we still have ample of time as we’d reach to our temporary abode 2.5 hours prior to check in time.

Tune Hotel Solo Outside Exterior

Looking for accommodation in Surakarta (Solo) online wasn’t that difficult. A plethora of business, budget and  luxurious hotels dotted this Batik capital of Indonesia. Most of the biggest name and chains of hotel had branch here in Solo. Tune Hotels group is one of them, known for offering no frills and pay as you use concept.

Tune Hotels Solo was just right on our budget. Even more we’d scored a whopping  50% deal from Agoda. No second thoughts of reading online reviews on this hotel. As we’re confident and trust Tune brand after our great experience in Tune Hotels Hatyai in Thailand.


Tune Hotel Solo
Jl. Supomo No 49, , Slamet Riyadi, Solo (Surakarta)
Indonesia 57125

The hotel is located at downtown Solo which is near to the main thoroughfare  Jalan Slamat Riyadi. It’s roughly a kilometer away to Purwosari Train Station, Sriwedari Park and Radya Pustaka Museum. Best of it, walking distance to newly opened Solo Paragon Mall. Its location was one of the reasons for choosing Tune Hotel.

Tune Hotel Solo main entrance

Check In

Friendly but shy receptionist in Tune Hotel Solo

After sampling some fiery Indonesian dishes and culturally immersed in Batik at Danar Hadi Museum. We go back to our temporary abode 10 minutes before our schedule check in time. The friendly receptionist were kind enough to accommodate our request. Maybe they’d sense we badly need to take a shower. Hahaha.

Check In    Time :  2:00 PM (Indonesia Time, +7 GMT)
Check Out Time : 11:00 AM (Indonesia Time, +7 GMT)

As standard practice, they’ll ask for passport and Booking Itinerary ( Agoda/ Online). 

The staff handed us the  Red Tune Hotel tote bag, clean towels inside, Room Card and WIFI password slip.

Our Double Room

The room dimension wasn’t that huge like in Tune Hotel Hatyai. But it was fair and not too cramped.Our bed was a standard size for double occupancy. Two soft pillows leaned on the wall and clean smell of bed sheets that reminded us of our good stay in Hatyai. 

Hotel Room Amenities

There are two side tables occupying each side of the bed. One table held the safety deposit box for security convenience. While the other is free to put our belongings. As expected no dresser, only a wardrobe rod with few hangers to use.

A  standard flat screen TV is mounted on the wall opposite to our bed. As normal it has local and selected Cable TV channels. 

As wonted,  Tune Hotel  keep it’s standard for all its branches of having a clean and well-maintained comfort rooms.

We never saw any speck or stains on the tiles which we normally inspect when entering the wash room. 

The standard Tune Hotel toiletries were already in place while a foot towel was laid  and ready for use.

The ambient light coming from the window made a comforting and homey feel. It feels like we’re staying in our own room.

Warm Hospitality

Our comfortable stay and delightful experience of Surakarta won’t be achieved If not with the friendly but too shy receptionist of Tune Hotel Solo. They shared a lot of local insights that you’ll only discover when talking to locals. Such as taking a becak for short distance is better than taking a cab (as the flag rate minimum is 20K Rupiah). An auspicious advice of taking a train from Balapan to Jogjakarta instead of Purwosari. Running an extra mile for searching and printed us the schedule of  arrival and departure time of trains going to Jogjakarta which we find very useful on our trip to the next city. We missed you guys! Big Terimah Kasih!

We had the best memories of Solo to keep and engraved to our hearts. Big part of that is our experience in Tune Hotel Solo. Let the photos below speaks for itself.

Pictures were taken from the photo booth located at the Tune Hotel Solo lobby.



We  recommend Tune Hotels Solo if  looking for a value of money, accessible location and descent place to stay in Solo (Surakarta) Indonesia.

If  you need more information check their official website.

Tune Hotels Solo

Book through Agoda and avail awesome discounts like we enjoyed.

This is not a sponsored post but our way of appreciation with our good stay in this hotel

Tune Hotel Fan,

Sky and Summer 

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