Singapore Trip: Jurong Bird Park

08:45 01/09/2013 Waking up after a quick shuteye on the wee hours was always a hurdle on our travel. On this trip we only have less than 24 hours to explore the Lion City. We left the hotel at early dawn and meander the sidewalk of Geylang road where empty bottles of beer and rubbish dotted the pathway. We catch an early bus heading to Lavender station then off to Boon Lay MRT station where the bus goes to Jurong Bird Park is waiting. Still no sign of bus.  We gawked on random stalls looking for a food to fill our screaming gut. The warm Mee Hon ( Singaporean style) with hot brewed coffee was perfect pair to lighten up our senses. Bus 194 came in as expected, and boarded the bus off to Jurong Bird Park.

In less than 20 minutes, we arrived in Jurong Bird Park. It is touted as the largest bird park in the world in terms of number of birds. Normally we skipped this kind of place, because it’s a tourist trap and not to mention the hefty price of park entrances. But we give it a nod since a family friend offered some passes, and we don’t have any concrete plans on our second day in Singapore.

Several minutes of waiting our friend came in and escorted us to the entrance. She flashed her company ID on the inspecting staff which in return allowed us to get in without spending some bucks.

So where to start? 

A Portuguese Galleon facade enticed us. Little did we know we just entered the Penguin lair.
The Penguin Coast is an exhibit of 5 different species such as Humboldt, Rockhopper, Macaroni, African and famous King Penguins. All the penguins except the African had been put on a special temperature controlled aquarium that mimics their natural habitat

Couple King Penguins

Outside of Galleon ship was a pool dedicated for African penguins. This type of penguin had already adopted the tropical climate, and they much enjoyed the warm weather.

Going to the right from the entrance, a flock of colorful Macaws whistling everyone who passed by. Their vibrant colors and friendly demeanor make them more close to the kids. We’d tried to teach them talking but unfortunately we failed. 

Not far from the Macaws, are the vibrant and attractive Caribbean Flamingos. All of them were in a chorus of honking, maybe they felt threatened when someone mimic a predator like sound.

If immobile they usually do preening, of not they’re sprinting on the water to catch some attention.

Kings of the Skies Show

A friendly park staff  invited us to watch the Kings of the Skies Show. We’re just right in time after looking for a spot when the show had started.

We settled on the most elevated part of the amphitheater to get a good view of the show. 

Hooded Vulture

During the show we witnessed how these raptors demonstrates their hunting skills through a simulated hunt.

Remember Hedwig’s of Harry Potters Snowy Owl.

We capture a short video of these Spectacle show of these raptors. One of the visitors had chosen to experienced and get close to Hooded Vulture. 

Random Birds on different exhibits at Jurong Bird Park Singapore.

Vibrant and Attractive Scarlet Ibis

Black Cormorant


Black Necked Stork

Milky Stork


Great White Pelicans

Spot Billed Pelicans

Greater and Lesser Flamingos

Ducks and Swan

Black Swan

Carolina Wood Duck

Mandarin Duck
High Flyers Show

The highlight of our visit was the spectacular High Flyers Show. It’s a showcase of different bird’s talents and free flying performance which is held in a bigger Pools Amphitheater. 

Spectators patiently waiting for the Finale.

The most anticipated part of the show is the finale. All of the birds will fly one by one to the center and Pelicans and Flamingos will go on parade. 

We covered all the exhibits of birds at Jurong Bird Park in 4 hours. It was a good learning experience and good acquaintance of  thousands birds on a little given time.

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  1. Jefferson Dela Cruz says: Reply

    How much po ang entrance fee?? thanks.

  2. 28SGD/ Adult Admission.

  3. Jefferson Dela Cruz says: Reply

    thanks po. san po kaya pede mag stay sa kl na cheap lang.

  4. Clever shots! Very nice and vivid captures. Happy Trails Sky & Summer! 🙂

  5. Thanks Dave! Enjoy Sunshine and hope to meet you again in Davao 🙂

  6. BIRDSSS!!!! I love birds, siguro kasi bird brained ako, I came here to check out the flamingo kung totoo siya, mukhang dehydrated and sunburnt </3 Caribbean flamingoes pala 😛

  7. Heya Pandelicious!
    They're real and captivating. Carribean flamingoes color is more vibrant compare to their African cousins.

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