Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

19:55 01/08/2015 It’s been a while since we fulfilled our Japanese food cravings with a close friend at Tokyo Street. Every time we meet this friend of ours, we always end up going to a Japanese resto. Why? Because all of us had a soft heart for sushi, ramen, teriyaki, maki, tonkatsu and the list goes on. You might be wondering where is this Tokyo Street? Nah, it’s not in Japan. It’s just located on the 6th Level of Pavillion Mall. This Japanese theme precinct  houses specialty shops and restaurants.We found another restaurant near to it to try out,  this time at Tonkatsu by Wa Kitchen.


The dining area is capacious, dimly lighted and can easily notice the contemporary interiors which is quite unexpected for a Japanese resto. We manage to obtain a seat even before the staff ushered us to get one. 



On the table, there are two ceramic containers, one is for sesame seeds the other is for Katsu Sauce. And the Suribachi and Surikogi ( Japanese mortar and pestle) used for pounding the seeds.




While waiting for our order which took about 15 minutes. We milled that freshly roasted sesame seeds on the suribachi. The smell of the grounded seeds is so therapeutic.


We mix the pounded seeds on the Tonkatsu sauce and it’s now ready for dipping. A healthy Japanese brown tea had been served as well.

Rosu Katsu Zen Set – RM 32

Summer’s order came in first, Rosu Katsu Zen Set. It was served with rice and finely chopped cabbage (both unlimited), tonjiru (soup), pickles and appetizer. The outer layer of pork loin katsu is perfectly crisp and the inner meat is tender. Every dip of katsu to the sauce is pure bliss. 


As you can see, she was happy and ready to devour her food. Her pork and Japanese cravings on that day were satisfied.


Hire Katsu + Ebi Furai Zen Set – RM 36



After 5 minutes of waiting, the Hire Katsu ( Fillet) + Ebi Furai Zen set for Sky was served. This set must be so good for taking much of our waiting time. Nonetheless, it was an utterly heaven and gratifying . The prawns were insanely huge and hire katsu was crispy fried to perfection. No wonder why it took so long to prepare.

Hence this set comes with unlimited rice and cabbage refills.  We’d second bowl of rice without hesitation. Albeit we’re on a diet, we can’t help but give in just for a night.

The price was steep but every ringgit we spent was all worth it. Surely this restaurant is heaven for Tonkatsu lovers.

Address: Lot 6-12 Level 6 Pavillion Mall 
Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur Malaysia


Note: This is not paid post or some sort, we just want to share our good experience with this restaurant.

Japanese Foodie,
Sky and Summer

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  1. Greetings, how about the journey back? I wonder if the bus back to PD will stop at Tanjung Tuan too ?

  2. Hi Kurt,

    Welcome to our blog, sorry for the delayed response. As far as we remember there are uses that passed by junction at pasir panjang ( Tanjung Tuan) back to PD. But frequency is unreliable though.

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