SCR, Bandar Seri Begawan Brunei

09:00 29/11/2015 On our last day in Brunei, we agreed to eat at any local food joint  for breakfast. Looking for any visible hawkers at Kampung Batu was close to none. We’d thought everyone must be cooking at their home then. We’d been eating at Jollibee Brunei for the last 48 hours. We gnaw chicken joy, devour jolli spaghetti and enjoyed yum burgers. So much of that, our stomach is already longing for dish anything to top with sambal. It didn’t took a while for us to decide where in Bandar since we are eyeing on a restaurant just in front of the waterfront promenade. 

SCR short for Singa Chicken Rice is local restaurant that serves famous Indonesian and Malay cuisine. It is a halal certified restaurant as mostly in Brunei. They a had good selection of food for breakfast and meal sets.

Since it’s early morning, only few people had dine at the restaurant. Looking at the crowd, most present are tourists like us. We ordered our personal Indonesian favorites such as Soto Ayam and Ayam Penyet.

Soto Ayam (Chicken Soup) is considered as the national dish of Indonesia. It is made of broth, meat, and vegetables. A good meal to start our day. 

Another favorite of ours is Ayam Penyet (Smashed Fried Chicken). This dish is usually paired with Rice, Cucumber, Vegetable side dish, Tempeh and with fierce Sambal Sauce. SCR version of Ayam Penyet is too good, credit to it’s stinging Sambal. 

If spiciness of sambal is overhwleming, Chili Garlic sauce will be your best buddy when eating that Penyet or Chicken rice meal.

The service crew recommended  their specialty in the house, which we gladly support. No mistake their Sambal Buttermilk Chicken is to die for. The creamy texture of sauce fused from  sambal  and buttermilk and the aroma coming from the curry leaves made this dish extraordinary delicious. We savored our Sambal Buttermilk Chicken with huge mound of rice on the side. A must order here.

SCR will be your best bet if you are looking for good food with reasonable price in Brunei.

SCR ( Singa Chicken Rice)
68 Jalan McCarthurBandar Seri Begawan BS8811, 
Brunei Darussalam

Note: This is not paid post or some sort, we just want to share our good experience with this restaurant.

Foodie Couple,

Sky and Summer

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