Saigon Trip: Ben Thanh Market

11:22 02/11/2013 The 45 minutes journey with bus 152 undeniably gave us a good preface of Saigon. But it doesn’t just end there. Right after disembarking from the bus terminal, armed with overnight backpacks and incessant craving for Pho Bo. We bravely crossed  and took a refuge at the roundabout  where a hero in equestrian (Tran […]

Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Kuala Lumpur

15:45 10/3/2012 We attempted to visit this place before but we ran out of time and it frequently rains whenever we think of stopping over ( sounds crazy but it’s true). It was a perfect Saturday afternoon, the Sun dominated the sky an ideal to Jalan-Jalan. We never let pass the jiffy, prepared our gears […]

Jalan Hang Kasturi (Kasturi Walk)

11:45 29/1/2012 After the cultural sightseeing and window shopping  at Central Market we dropped by at Jalan Hang Kasturi. Just beside the Central Market ( Pasar Seni) you can find this Kite ( Wau in Malay) design covered walk known as “Kasturi Walk”.   Here you can find retail, F&B stalls that captivates tourist due to it’s open air ambiance.  Malaysian […]

Central Market ( Pasar Seni): A glimpse of Malaysian Culture

13:45 23/1/2012  After walking aimlessly at Chinatown we walk across to Jalan Hang Kasturi which the Central Market is located. I had visited this place a couple of times and  mention it to Summer what’s inside. She always convince me to drop by and now I don’t have an  excuse since it’s  right across to Pasar […]