Jalan Hang Kasturi (Kasturi Walk)

11:45 29/1/2012 After the cultural sightseeing and window shopping  at Central Market we dropped by at Jalan Hang Kasturi. Just beside the Central Market ( Pasar Seni) you can find this Kite ( Wau in Malay) design covered walk known as “Kasturi Walk”.  

Here you can find retail, F&B stalls that captivates tourist due to it’s open air ambiance. 
Malaysian Kite (Wau) design cover walk ( Kasturi Walk)
At the Entrance

Retail shops and F&B stalls along the Kasturi Walk

Must buy

Sling bags on sale ( similar to Thailand sling bags)

We frequently visit this place as we can easily interact with the locals. Just flash them with your happy smirk and they’ll be glad to smile you back.  We never ceases to taste local food and sweets when we passed by in this alley.

Local Snacks
The friendly Putu Bambu sellers.
Must try when you pass by @ Kasturi Walk

Putu Bambu ( 6pcs for 2 Ringgit)

Uncook Putu Bambu, made of Cassava or Rice Flour, desiccated coconut and sugar

Putu Bambu ( Pandan Flavor)
Putu Bambu: food taste by Sky “Highly commendable”

Sea Coconut Juice – 2RM per cup 

Kelapa Laut

Sea coconut or Coco de Mer
Brownish color Juice that taste like (Sago Gulaman- refreshment from Philippines)

Happy Jalan-Jalan ( to go for stroll) !

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